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Chapter 3445: 3445

3445 Young Master Tang Proposing 25


An didn’t know how to answer Lu Yan’s blunt question .

“You’re a guy . Don’t be shy; just answer me . ”

“Yeah… I like you . ”

Cornered by Lu Yan, An blurted out without thinking .

He had planned to express his love for her in a romantic place and go slow with it, thinking it might give him a better chance of being accepted .

He had never imagined that he’d do it in front of the door of a nightclub compartment…

“Stop liking me . There are two reasons . The first is I have a boyfriend, and the second is that we walk in different circles . ”

Then Lu Yan turned and left . An felt like his feet were glued to the floor . After all, she had rejected him, and it would be shameless to chase after her .

He knew he was a lowly bodyguard, but he had self-respect .

Standing at the door for a while, An returned to the room .

“Huh? Why are you back? Didn’t you go out with Lu Yan?” Su Yu was puzzled .

“I… Miss Lu Yan doesn’t like the company . ”

“You can protect her if you go with her . It’s night and I don’t want her to wander around in the nightclub all by herself . ” Su Yu’s thoughts were simple .

“It’s okay . Our Yan… can protect herself . Don’t worry . ” Huo Mian only prayed Lu Yan wouldn’t beat people .

Making it clear with An, Lu Yan didn’t feel much . Living on the brink of death all these years, she didn’t think the entanglement of feelings was a big deal .

To her surprise, she saw a few of her subordinates hovering at the gate when she got downstairs .


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“Why are you guys here?

“Don’t tell me you’re here to protect me…” Lu Yan was puzzled .

“No . We have reports for you . You came out when we were about to call you . What a coincidence . ”

“Spill it . I’ll go and have hot pot and beer in a moment . ”

Lu Yan planned to find a small restaurant to have hotpot and iced beer at . It would be refreshing .

However, her subordinates stopped her at the gate like shadows .

“Boss, there are too many people here . The information is very important, so we’ll report it to you in the car . ”

They pointed at a black van not far from them .

“I hope it’s something important . If you dare to bother me with a trivial thing, I’ll skin you guys alive . ”

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“Yes, yes . Please calm down, Boss . ”

His subordinates were used to her hot temper .

Her bark was worse than her bite, and she never took it out on them .

During the years, they had understood her behavior and learned to ignore her empty threats .

Resigned, Lu Yan crossed the street and walked to the black van .

“Huh, do you think the boss will kill us when she finds out the truth?”

“No . I think it’s a pleasant surprise for the boss . ”

They looked at Lu Yan and murmured their speculations to each other .

Pulling open the door, Lu Yan got into the car; before she could react, someone caught her face in his hands and kissed her .

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His lips were cool with the familiar scent of mint .

If it was someone else, Lu Yan would have drawn her gun and fired, but she couldn’t resist this familiar scent .

Qiao Fei was here…

Yeah, Qiao Fei was here .

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