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Chapter 3446: 3446
3446 Young Master Tang Proposing 26

“Psycho… Qiao…” Lu Yan tried to speak, but he didn’t give her the chance and pressed her down to the seat .

The kiss lasted a full three minutes…

Lu Yan was almost out of breath when Qiao Fei finally eased up .

She sat up and pinched Qiao Fei’s face .

“What are you doing?”

“Just seeing if you’re an imposter . ”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“I thought you were in Russia . ”

“I was . ”

“How did you come here?” Lu Yan was puzzled .

“By plane . ”

“Bullshit . I know you didn’t walk here; it would take you more than a year to walk here . ”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“Didn’t I tell you we can’t meet each other at a special time like this? In the eyes of outsiders, I broke up with you and we are enemies . ”

“But I wanted to see you,” Qiao Fei said calmly .

Lu Yan was pink in the face but felt sweet inside .

“But if Qiao Nan finds out, all our efforts would be in vain . ”

“He’s not in Russia . He’s in Thailand . ”

“That traitor Amy…”

“I fed her some sleeping pills so she won’t wake up until tomorrow noon . By that time, I’ll have returned to Russia . ”

“Damn it . You just flew all the way here to see me?” Lu Yan thought Qiao Fei was making a big fuss about nothing .

If he didn’t have a private plane, he’d not be able to fly to China and then back to Russia in one night .

“Why do you think I did this?”

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“Because you are mentally diseased and want to torture yourself…” Lu Yan continued to diss him .

“It seems I need to kiss you again to convince you…”

“Hey . Don’t . Please don’t . You’ll steal the oxygen from me, Bro…”

Lu Yan was afraid Qiao Fei would truly do it in the car on the side of the road .

Her subordinates waiting outside the car would laugh at them .

“This is for you . ” Qiao Fei’s tone was cool, but the things he did were extremely heart-warming .

He pushed a bouquet of bright red roses into Lu Yan’s hands .

“Um… What the heck is this?”

“Isn’t today Chinese Valentine’s Day?”

“You’re so unimaginative, gifting me this . I despise you . ” Lu Yan didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh .

“I’ve got something even more unimaginative . Do you want to see it?”

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Lu Yan: “…”

Qiao Fei had a Chanel lipstick in his palm .

“This is for you . ”

“Lipstick? You, a grown-azz man, went and bought lipstick?”

“I had people investigate it for me and they said most of the guys buy this for their girlfriends . ”

Lu Yan: “…”

Before she could speak, Qiao Fei pushed a red packet into her hand .

“What the heck is this?”

“They said today guys would transfer money or send red pckets of cash on WeChat to their girlfriends . But you know I don’t have social media, so I packed some cash in the red packet . ”

“This is…?” Lu Yan looked down at the red pocket in a daze .

“13,140 yuan,” Qiao Fei said calmly . (Note: in Chinese, the number 13140 sounds like “Forever with you . )

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“My goodness . You’re indeed unimaginative . Psycho Qiao, I despise you…”

Lu Yan had never celebrated the western Valentine’s Day before, not to mention the Chinese Valentine’s Day .

She was stunned by Qiao Fei’s behavior today .

“I know it’s unimaginative, but I heard there’s a grand end to this routine,” said Qiao Fei .

“What’s that?”

“It’s said the girl would go to the hotel with the boy to show her appreciation for the gifts . ”

Qiao Fei looked at her and said with a straight face .

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