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Chapter 3444: 3444
3444 Young Master Tang Proposing 24

“Where’s Yan?” Huo Mian hadn’t seen Lu Yan for a while .

“Auntie! Auntie! Come here,” Little Bean stood on a chair and yelled excitedly .

“What’s up, my little baby…” Lu Yan answered dotingly .

She stood up, still playing the game on her cellphone .

“Yan, come here . I’ll introduce my friends to you . ” Huo Mian beckoned at her gently .

“Sis, it’s not necessary . ”

“Auntie, my mom just wants to show off her good friends . ”

“Sis, I know your friends . ”

Then Lu Yan said everyone’s name one by one .

“Sis, is she your younger sister? I don’t remember us having such a relative in our family . ”

Zhixin had spoken little during the party, but now he looked at Huo Mian curiously .

“She’s…” Huo Mian didn’t know how to explain .

“We only met when you were studying abroad, so it’s natural that you don’t know me . Besides, I always stay abroad and rarely come back,” Lu Yan thought quickly and replied .

“Oh, I see . Does our mom know about her?”

Zhixin was puzzled . If Lu Yan was their relative, then she must go and visit their mother, too .

“I just came back . Sis has been busy, and we plan to visit Aunt Yang during the weekend . ” The Auntie Yang that Lu Yan mentioned was Zhixin and Huo Mian’s mother, or more accurately, Huo Mian’s adoptive mother .

“Mom would be thrilled when she knows it . ” Zhixin believed Lu Yan’s words .

Tang Chuan looked at the young girl and found she was indeed beautiful, but her eyes looked quite sharp and domineering .

“You’re Mian’s younger sister, so you’re my sister, too . Just enjoy yourself in C City and our Mr . Su will pay for everything for you . ”

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“Damn it . Why drag me into it…” Su Yu felt like he was an innocent victim .

“Because you are the richest guy among us . After all, you are the God-like rich guy,” Tang Chuan said shamelessly .

“Su Yu has received me with great hospitality and asked An to show me around the place for a couple of days . Now it’s your turn . I heard this place belongs to you, right? Can I have anything I like here?”

“Of course . ” Tang Chuan grinned generously .

“Then take out the 1958′ red wine locked in the safe in your office . Red wine is my favorite . ”

“Um…” Tang Chuan was stunned .

He had planned to share it with his friends on his wedding day with Qin Ning .

It cost him more than 30 million yuan when he bought it at an auction in France .

“That’s a secret; how do you know about it?” Tang Chuan felt puzzled since he had told no one about the wine except for Su Yu and Wei Liao .

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“I told Yan . ” Huo Mian hurried to help Lu Yan .

“That’s strange . How do you know about it, Sister-in-Law?” Tang Chuan was bewildered .

“I told Dr . Huo . ” Hurriedly, Su Yu helped Huo Mian .

“Mr . Su, you have a big mouth…” Tang Chuan didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh .

“You’re reluctant to let me drink it?” Lu Yan teased him .

“Of course not . I’ll get someone to fetch it . ” Cornered, Tang Chuan would look like a miser if he didn’t take it out .

But the tides turned around .

“Mr . Tang, you’re a true friend . Forget it, I was just kidding . This wine is precious, and you must save it for your wedding . Okay, you guys continue with your happy party while I go down and get some fresh air . ”

“Yan, don’t get into a fight . Be careful,” Huo Mian loved her sister and instructed her like a mother .

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“Got it, Sis . ”

Lu Yan didn’t like such occasions since she didn’t have friends and thus didn’t know how to handle such a situation . Not caring to have small talks with them, she decided to come out .

“Lu Yan, I’ll go with you . Didn’t you say you like roasted sweet potatoes? I know where we can buy them . ” Immediately, An followed Yan out of the compartment .

“An, do you like me?” Yan turned serious and looked back at An with unreadable eyes .

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