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Chapter 3443: 3443
3443 Young Master Tang Proposing 23

“Um… President Su asked me to go back and bring Miss Zeng Rou here . You must be bored just sitting at the door and playing games . Do you want to come with me?”

If it was in the past, Lu Yan would have agreed since it was boring to stay here .

But now…

“Forget it . I’ll pass . You go ahead . ”

“Okay . ” An nodded and walked out of the room .

Shortly, he returned with Zeng Rou .

With her foot recovering fast, she was only a little clumsy with walking .

She had come out hastily and didn’t dress for the occasion .

She wore a loose long-sleeved sweater and a dark red baseball cap; the sweater looked quite with a picture of anime owl on the front .

She hadn’t put on makeup and looked a bit haggard .

“Zeng Rou, come and sit here . ” Among the people, only Huo Mian was a familiar face to her, so she called out to Zeng Rou warmly .

Nodding at her with a smile, Zeng Rou took a seat beside Su Yu, not far from Huo Mian .

“Old Lady, you came out just like this?” Su Yu asked in a low voice .

“What? Am I embarrassing you?” Zeng Rou picked up a glass of bubble water from the table and sipped it .

“Not at all . You’re only embarrassing yourself,” Su Yu retorted .

“I like to embarrass myself and find it thrilling . It’s not your business . ”

“Oh damn, then I guess I shouldn’t have came to pick you up . ” Su Yu teased her back .

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“I didn’t ask you to send for me . Besides, I can bet on my life that you were not the one who suggested to send for me . ”

“You…” Su Yu was speechless with anger; ignoring her, he turned to talk to Wei Liao .

“You’re my sister-in-law Zeng Rou, right? Come on, have some wine . ”

Tang Chuan soothed her when he saw she was bickering with Su Yu .

“I’m not your sister-in-law . Call me Sister Zeng Rou . ”

“Of course you’re my sister-in-law since you’re living with him now . I must thank you for taking care of Su Yu . While I was abroad, my biggest concern was Mr . Su, who is a single dog . Now you have saved him by satisfying his physical needs and making his face glow . You’re really good . ”

“Pu…” Su Yu almost spewed out the beer he was drinking .

“Tang Chuan, your jokes are getting dirtier each day…” Su Yu cursed .

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“Thank you for the compliments . I’ll keep it up . ”

“I wonder why Qin Ning fell in love with a dirty guy like you,” Su Yu railed at him with a chuckle .

“My Ning said she likes me because I’m dirty . I’m one of a kind in the whole world . ”

Everyone laughed at his words and the atmosphere got lighter .

Probably because of Tang Chuan’s dirty joke, Zeng Rou blushed .

She lowered her head to eat and drink silently and didn’t speak much .

An had thought Zeng Rou would lighten the atmosphere with her lively personality, but to his surprise, she just sat quietly beside Su Yu and talked occasionally with Huo Mian .

“Where’s Lu Yan? I heard my sister-in-law Huo Mian’s younger sister is a great beauty . Come on, let me have a look . ”

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Feeling high in the party, Tang Chuan suddenly thought of Lu Yan .

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