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Chapter 3442: 3442
3442 Young Master Tang Proposing 22

“Move her to tears? That’s easy…” Su Yu said while driving .

“Young Master Su, you’ve got a good idea?” Tang Chuan couldn’t remain still in the passenger seat and kept poking at Su Yu .

“Stop it . Don’t poke at me . ” Su Yu glared at him .

“Ha . Mr . Su, please enlighten me . ” Tang Chuan grinned .

“You can buy a tube of mustard and squeeze some into her mouth when she’s not looking . I’m sure she’ll shed tears . ”

“F*ck… You’re playing with me . ” Tang Chuan didn’t know if he should cry or laugh .

“If that’s what you want, I’ve got a good idea, too . You hide behind the door and spray pepper spray onto her face . I’m sure she’ll shed tears,” said Wei Liao .

“Are you still my good buddies? If I did that, Ning-Ning would kick my balls off . ”

As Su Yu and Wei Liao laughed hysterically, Tang Chuan gave them a disdainful glance .

“Forget it . This thing needs brains and I shouldn’t have asked you two . I should ask Pudding and Little Bean . Those two kids are full of ideas . ”

Finally, the car stopped slowly at the gate of Seductive Fox .

In the VIP compartment on the top floor .

After Tang Chuan, Su Yu, Wei Liao arrived, Jiang Xiaowei came with her son, Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling came with their son, and Zhixin came with Bella .

The family of Qin Chu and Huo Mian came in last with Lu Yan . Then Wei Ying arrived, too, and took a seat beside Jiang Xiaowei; she didn’t speak much .

Lu Yan was dressed casually in a pale-yellow dress with a bow tie at the collar . She had dug it out from Huo Mian’s wardrobe .

Still, she looked stunning with her beauty .

Tang Chuan instructed the bar to bring all kinds of delicacies to the table in case they got hungry .

“Come on, help yourselves . Eat something before we drink . ”

Pudding and Little Bean were happy since these dishes, including steak, foie gras, french fries, onion rings, fried chicken, and black pepper spaghetti, were junk food that Huo Mian forbade them from eating .

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Looking bored, Lu Yan sat in a corner, eating sunflower seeds and playing on her cellphone .

“Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day . It’s not easy for us to get together . Come on, let’s have a toast . ”

Tang Chu looked excited as the host and kept raising his glass .

“Sister-in-law, you’re pregnant and can’t have alcohol . Have some drinks . ” Tang Chuan grinned at Huo Mian .

“I’m fine with just water . You guys enjoy yourselves . ”

Sitting beside Qin Chu, Huo Mian smiled faintly .

Glancing at the water before Huo Mian, Su Yu thought it wasn’t good for her in her condition .

“Waiter, get her some warm water . She’s pregnant and can’t have cold water . ”

“I’m fine . It’s not cold anyway . ” Huo Mian didn’t think it was an issue .

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Hearing Su Yu’s instructions, a waiter immediately brought a glass of warm water to Huo Mian .

As the others glanced at Su Yu meaningfully, he felt a bit awkward .

Tang Chuan tried to help his pal . “Mr . Su, where’s your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” Su Yu looked puzzled .

“The girl named something Rou…” Tang Chuan couldn’t remember her name .

“Oh… you mean her . Her foot has not recovered yet, so she’s staying at home . ”

“This is a party, not climbing a mountain; her foot injury is not a problem . An, go and bring her to the party,” said Tang Chuan .

“Huh?” Caught by surprise, An glanced at Su Yu .

“I agree . The more the merrier . Today’s Chinese Valentine’s Day! How can you leave the girl alone in the house?” Gao Ran said .

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Su Yu couldn’t find a reason to object and slanted a glance at An . “Go . ”

“Okay, President Su . ”

With the car key in his hand, An was walking out when he saw Lu Yan sitting there playing on her cellphone .

“Lu Yan, do you want to come with me?” An asked, surprising himself .

“To where?” Lu Yan looked nonplussed .

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