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Chapter 3436: 3436
Chapter 3436 Young Master Tang Proposing 16

Huo Mian couldn’t join in on their conversation .

She knew English but didn’t understand a word of German .

Lu Yan had been running around all over the world since a very young age and could speak many languages . She was talented in language learning, and her brain had almost become a translating machine .

“I have a few questions for your sister . ”

Nalo glanced at Huo Mian .

Lu Yan immediately pulled her sister behind her .

“Ask me . Don’t drag my sister into it . ”

“Well, well . I didn’t know you’d care so much for someone… Interesting . ”

Nalo saw panic in Lu Yan’s eyes for the first time and knew how important the woman was to Lu Yan .

“Yan, I’m fine . You don’t have to shield me . ”

Having been cornered many times, Huo Mian always carried some poison on her, so she wouldn’t be a burden to others .

She didn’t want to become Lu Yan’s burden .

“Sis, don’t be afraid . I’m here . ”

“I’m not afraid . ” Huo Mian took Lu Yan’s hand as they were trapped in the small wonton shop at midnight .

Qin Chu’s cellphone was connected with Huo Mian’s bodyguards .

Knowing Huo Mian and Lu Yan had gone out to grab a bite, he wasn’t worried and went to the study to handle some files .

When their images disappeared from his screen, he knew something was wrong .

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He called his men and couldn’t reach them .

Without a word, he took out a silver pistol from a drawer in the study, ran out of the house, and drove to the wonton shop .

“Lu Yan, if you’re alone, you might have a chance to escape . Please go and support our new domain MangaBob . com . Thanks! But you can’t do it with a pregnant woman . Do you believe me if I say that your sister will become a meat pie with a wave of my hand?” Nalo said in a cold voice .

“I also believe that if you dare to do that, then none of you will be able to get out of here alive . You know how much I love bombs and I’ve got all kinds of bombs on me . I’ve never been afraid of death . If you want to die with me, just bring it on . ”

Few people could threaten Lu Yan; when that happened, she’d just threaten them back .

“Boss, don’t believe her . She tricked Mr . Ian last time with the same method . ”

A Chinese man warned Nalo . He was the guy who had walked in and spoke in Chinese .

The moment he said the words, Lu Yan tossed a mini sticky bomb at him .

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It stuck on the guy’s neck, and as he was about to touch it, the mini bomb exploded, tearing open his carotid artery . Blood gushed out like a fountain .

Instantly, the pungent smell of blood filled the shop, and the old man selling wontons passed out and dropped to the floor .

Seeing the bloody scene, Huo Mian turned around and almost retched .

The guys got agitated when they saw one of them die . They aimed their guns at Lu Yan .

“Fire then . It’s an honor to die with the leader of the German Mafia . We only have two people, so it’s a good deal to take a group of guys with us . ” Lu Yan relaxed and grinned at Nalo .

“You haven’t changed a bit . But I finally understand why my brother couldn’t catch you after all these years . ”

Nalo admired the young girl for her audacity and determination; few people could act so decisively as she did a moment ago .

“Shut up and get out . ”

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“I told you that I’ll let you go after your sister answers three questions . I won’t kill you . ” Nalo looked determined .

Huo Mian understood Nalo since he spoke in English this time . After some consideration, she said, “I’ll answer your questions, but you must let my sister go first . ”

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