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Chapter 3435: 3435
Chapter 3435 Young Master Tang Proposing 15

“Yan, what’s wrong?” Unlike Lu Yan, Huo Mian didn’t sense any danger, so she was surprised that her sister wanted to leave so suddenly before they had even finished eating .

“Sis, we need to go now, there’s danger,” Lu Yan whispered so quietly that only Huo Mian could hear her .

“Have you finished with your meals?” The restaurant owner wasn’t sure what was going on, so he came up to them to ask .

“Sir, here’s the money, you can keep the change . We’re full now . ” Lu Yan smiled as she grabbed Huo Mian to leave . However, they were blocked before they could leave the restaurant .

“Why are you in such a rush to leave? You didn’t even say hello,” the man said .

“Who the f*ck are you, do I know you?” Lu Yan cursed angrily .

“That’s irrelevant . What matters is that you know my boss . ”

“I don’t care who your boss is! If he pisses me off, he’s dead anyway . Don’t pull this crap with me, tell that asshole to show his impotent-looking face to me,” Lu Yan said as her hand tightened around Huo Mian’s . At this moment, the only thing she was worried about was her sister’s safety .

At this moment, another man walked in through the door . He was also wearing a black cloak that looked abnormally eerie in the night sky . As soon as this man walked in, the rest of the cloaked men in the restaurant knelt down on one knee and placed their hands across their chests .

“It’s been a while, Lu Yan,” the man said in perfect English . Then, he slowly lifted the cloak off his head – Lu Yan’s expression changed slightly when she saw who it was .

“You’re right, Nalo,” Lu Yan sneered .

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Upon learning that the man’s name was Nalo, Huo Mian’s heartbeat slowed down . She had an eidetic memory and remembered everything, even if it was only mentioned once .

Nalo was Ian’s brother, the head of the German Mafia . He was 100% German, and not many people knew about him, not even Huo Mian . The only thing she knew was that this man knew Huo Siqian personally, and they had some sort of history together .

“What’s the rush? Sit down, let’s talk,” Nalo said in English . There was not a slight hint of emotion on his face .

He was very much unlike Ian, who Huo Mian had met at the hospital . Ian had a creepy smile on his face that gave her goosebumps .

Nalo, on the other hand, showed no emotion of any kind . He was quite handsome, his face resembling that of David Beckham . He looked older than Ian and had stubble all over his chin .

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“I’m not f*cking talking to you, I’m busy . Get out of my face, or else I’m just going to kill everyone here . ”

Lu Yan was known for her bad temper, especially when dealing with enemies . She rarely gave into niceties with people she wasn’t interested in . Moreover, Lu Yan despised Nalo because of his brother .

After cursing at Nalo in English, Lu Yan repeated the same words again in German .

Upon hearing what Lu Yan said, the cloaked men’s faces darkened – they were furious that Lu Yan had the guts to curse at their boss, and were just about to pull out their guns when Nalo stopped them .

He said peacefully, “I’m not here to fight . ”

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“Then why are you here? To date?” Lu Yan asked back in English .

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