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Chapter 3437: 3437
Chapter 3437 Young Master Tang Proposing 17

“You have no right to bargain with me,” Nalo looked at Huo Mian calmly as he rejected her request in fluent English .

“Sis, I won’t go . How can I leave you behind?”

“Will you answer the questions? Or shall we die together here…”

Different from Ian, Nalo wasn’t afraid of Lu Yan’s death threat .

“I will . ”

“Sis…” Lu Yan hadn’t had any interactions with Nalo for years and didn’t know his character .

If he was like Ian, then he must be an untrustworthy jerk who’d go back on his words without a qualm .

“Yan, this is our only option . ”

“But we can’t trust Nalo,” Lu Yan said in a low voice .

“We must stall them until Mr . Qin comes to our rescue,” Huo Mian said in conviction .

Hearing her words, Lu Yan fell silent .

Huo Mian turned her head and looked at Nalo .

“Ask your questions . I’ll only answer three,” Huo Mian emphasized .

Nalo smiled faintly . “Where’s Huo?”

“Do you mean Huo Siqian?” Since Nalo only said “Huo”, Huo Mian spoke the full name just to be certain .

“Yeah . ” Nalo nodded .

“I don’t know where he is . ”

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“Miss Huo, don’t play games with me . My people found that he was locked in a suburban prison in secret, but when we got there, he wasn’t there . ”

Lu Yan exchanged a look with her sister, telling her silently not to tell Nalo that some black-clothed guys had rescued Huo Siqian .

Understanding her, Huo Mian answered, “A few days ago, my sister fought with him . He broke out by killing lots of the guards and escaped . ”

“You’re lying . If he escaped, he would have contacted me . Please go and support our new domain MangaBob . com . Thanks! I can’t imagine who else he can turn to at this moment . ” Nalo was piqued since Huo Mian’s words didn’t make any sense to him .

“I must remind you that this is the third question . ” Huo Mian looked at Nalo .

She continued, “As for why he didn’t contact you, I can only guess that it’s because he escaped as Jack, not as Huo Siqian, so…”

“Jack is out?” Nalo looked surprised .

The evil side that Huo Siqian had tried to control with strong drugs had come out .

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“I didn’t lie to you . That’s what happened . ”

“I have one more question,” said Nalo .

“I promised I’d only answer three questions,” Huo Mian said .

Ignoring her words, Nalo asked in a heavy tone, “So, you’re sure he’s still alive?”

Nalo’s people took a long time to find out Huo Siqian had been secretly imprisoned by Qin Chu .

He had wanted to come and rescue Huo Siqian long ago but was delayed by Ian .

The brothers were not close but were not enemies either .

But this time, Nalo had turned against his brother because of Huo Siqian . He thought Huo Siqian went to the extreme because Ian had forced him to hand over Huo Mian .

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Before Huo Mian could reply, a race car stopped at the door of the wonton shop with a screech .

Nalo’s people turned around warily and aimed their guns at the newcomer .

Dressed in a long black windbreaker, the man raced into the shop in the dark night .

He dashed into the room and pulled Huo Mian into his arms .

“Honey…” Smelling the familiar scent, Huo Mian relaxed instantly .

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