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Chapter 3434: 3434
Chapter 3434 Young Master Tang Proposing 14

Lu Yan looked at her sister quietly without saying a thing .

Huo Mian said, word for word, “My biggest dream is to reunite with my family . I want to live happily ever after with you and Dad . I don’t want you guys to be running away for the rest of your lives . ”

“Sis, that seems improbable . We’ve made some choices that we can never change,” Lu Yan said somewhat pessimistically .

“I’ll try my best . Although I can’t do much, you guys are my family, and I want you to live a happy, stable life,” Huo Mian held Lu Yan’s hands and said, slightly choking on her words .

No matter how rich, powerful, and undefeatable her younger sister was, Huo Mian would always feel bad . She couldn’t bear the thought of Lu Yan, who was probably only five or six at the time, having to run away from enemies and avoid being killed . How did she survive every assassination attempt and explosion?

While others may have grown up not knowing what to eat, Yan probably grew up without anything to eat . While others may have grown up not knowing what clothes to wear, Yan probably grew up without any extra clothes to choose from .

While others may have grown up worried about not being about to fall asleep, Yan probably grew up too afraid to fall asleep .

Ordinary people’s ordinary lives seemed to be within reach for most, but Mian knew better than anymore that it was out of Lu Yan’s reach .

As the older sister, Huo Mian felt helpless that she couldn’t do anything about Lu Yan’s situation . She even consulted Qin Chu about this, but even someone as calm and logical as Qin Chu said that it would be hard for Lu Yan to stop what she was doing .

Such was fate .

“Sis, we’re here to eat, not to cry… aren’t you a strong and brave woman? You’re so emotional during your pregnancy… no crying, okay? Or else my little nephew won’t stop crying after he’s born . ” Lu Yan didn’t have the courage to look into her sister’s eyes, so she ignored her overwhelming emotions and wiped the tears off Huo Mian’s face while changing the subject .

Just then, the owner brought over two bowls of wontons . “Your food is ready, eat it while it’s hot! The soup is delicious . ”

“Awesome, but sir, you used clean oil, right?” Lu Yan teased .

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“Of course! I’ve been selling wontons for a very long time now, and my reputation is great! Just ask my neighbors! I would never use bad oil, I would feel so bad!” the man replied in all seriousness .

“Sir, ignore my sister, she’s pulling your leg,” Huo Mian interrupted with laughter . Lu Yan was always capable of amusing others around her . Of course, she only acted that way around the people she truly loved and felt close to .

Huo Mian and Lu Yan enjoyed their wontons while sipping on a soda that was only sold in Northern China . At that moment in life, Lu Yan was satisfied with everything she had .

“Sis, let’s go home after this . ”

“I thought you couldn’t sleep, I can walk around with you . ”

“It’s fine, I’m a little sleepy now and don’t want to walk around anymore . ”

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Lu Yan felt bad for making her sister come all the way out here with her . Therefore, she put away her stubbornness and decided to go home immediately after food .

However, just as they were finishing up, a couple of people walked into the wonton restaurant .

They were wearing black cloaks and looked like vampires . As soon as they walked in, Lu Yan felt a strong sense of danger .

Who would dress like that? It was not like the restaurant was hosting a costume party .

“Hi there, what would you like to eat?” the owner greeted them warmly .

“What they’re having,” the man who responded sat down not far from Lu Yan and Huo Mian . His head was hidden under the cloak and he was looking down, so they couldn’t see his face .

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“Sis, let’s go . ” Lu Yan threw her chopsticks down and put a hundred-yuan bill onto the table . She then grabbed Huo Mian’s hand to get up and leave .

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