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Chapter 3424: 3424
Chapter 3424 Young Master Tang Proposing 4

“I… bought some shoes,” Su Yu faltered .

“This brand is women’s shoes, right?” Qin Chu put down his cellphone and glanced at the shoes in Su Yu’s hand .

“Yeah… They are for my mom,” said Su Yu .

“Ha . What a coincidence . You guys all bought shoes . Fortunately, you bought them for Aunt; just remember to not buy shoes for Zeng Rou,” Huo Mian instructed .

“Why not?”

“Don’t you know? Old people used to say if boys buy shoes for their girlfriends, the girls will fly away…”

“They are not butterflies and can’t fly . You still believe that superstitious stuff?”

“Oh, did Yan make trouble for you this morning?”

“No . Lu Yan is cute . ” Su Yu scratched his head .

“Don’t lie to me . Our Yan isn’t cute; she’s violent, right?” Huo Mian chuckled .

“I don’t know . An keeps her company and I haven’t stayed with her long enough to see her violent side . ”

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“When you have time, take your girlfriend and have dinner with us,” Qin Chu stood up and said .

“Um… Okay . We’ll have dinner some time . I’ve got to go now . ”

Su Yu left Huo Mian’s office with the shoes he had bought for her .

After all, her husband had bought shoes for her . Su Yu regretted buying the shoes; after all, Qin Chu loved Huo Mian so much and wouldn’t need him to worry about such trivial things for her .

He took the shoes to his mother’s office .

Since she began working, Mrs . Su found her days were quite fulfilling; she worked diligently and sometimes had lunch with Huo Mian in the hospital . She felt content .

“Mom . ”

“Yu, what are you doing here?” Mrs . Su was happy to see her son and went up to him immediately .

“I… was passing the hospital and decided to come up and see you . ”

“You came to see me?” Mrs . Su knew her son .

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“Okay . Don’t overthink, Old Lady . Oh, by the way, I bought you shoes . ”

Su Yu handed the boxes to her .

“You bought shoes for me?” Mrs . Su was puzzled since it wasn’t a holiday or her birthday .

Opening the box, she understood when she saw the style of the shoes .

“Yu, you didn’t buy the shoes for me, right?”

“Don’t ask me whom I bought them for . Now they are yours . ” Su Yu sat down on the sofa and opened a bottle of water .

“Yu, do you know my shoe size?”

“Um… Isn’t it 37?” Su Yu froze .

“37 is Mian’s size . My size is 38 . ”

“It’s fine . The shoes will stretch out as you wear them,” Su Yu said casually .

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“What on earth happened? You bought shoes for Mian; why didn’t you give them to her?”

Mrs . Su thought her son and Huo Mian were only friends now and it was no big deal for him to buy shoes for her . She wondered why Su Yu gave her the shoes instead .

“Mian refused to take them?” Mrs . Su felt sorry for her son .

“No . I didn’t give them to her . ”

“Why not? If you feel shy about it, I’ll give them to her…”

She picked up the shoeboxes and started to open the door .

“Mom, I went there; Qin Chu is in her office…”

“So what? You are not having an affair with Mian . It’s not a big deal for you to show concern for her when she’s pregnant . ”

“Qin Chu had just bought many pairs of shoes for Mian… So, I didn’t give the shoes to her,” Su Yu said embarrassedly .

“Yu…” Mrs . Su hurt inside to see her son in this way .

“Silly boy… My silly boy . ”

“Mom, I’m fine . If you don’t want the shoes, then you can give them away . ”

Su Yu stood up to leave .

“Yu, take the shoes and give them to Zeng Rou . I think she might wear this size; and she’ll be happy to have them,” Mrs . Su said suddenly .

Su Yu paused his steps…

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