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Chapter 3425: 3425
Chapter 3425 Young Master Tang Proposing 5

“Do you think it’s the right thing to do? I didn’t buy the shoes for her . ”

“Why not? If we don’t say it, she won’t know . Take them to her . ”

Mrs . Su hoped her son would get closer to Zeng Rou, so they might have the chance to hit it off .

Resigned, Su Yu took the three pairs of shoes back home .

When he got home, An had returned, too .

Zeng Rou was watching TV in the living room .

“Hi, you’re back . ” Zeng Rou looked back at Su Yu .

“Yeah . ” Su Yu looked uncomfortable .

“Whoa . Did you go shopping? You bought lots of stuff, right?” seeing the bags in his hands, Zeng Rou joked .

“Yeah . These are for you . ”

Su Yu handed her the three pairs of shoes awkwardly .

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“For me?” Zeng Rou was a bit surprised .

Taking the boxes, she glanced at the name of the brand and knew they were from a luxurious brand and were quite expensive .

Opening one box and looking at the size printed on the sole, she understood instantly .

“Um… In fact, I bought them for someone else but didn’t give them to her . If you like, you can take them,” Su Yu didn’t like to lie, so he told the truth .

“Oh . Thank you . I like them very much . ”

Seeing Su Yu was honest with her, Zeng Rou was pleased and tried on the shoes .

“Su Yu, which color do you think is good on me?” Zeng Rou asked cheerfully .

“They are all good . ” Not an expert in women’s stuff, Su Yu couldn’t tell the difference .

“Damn it . You humored me… Forget it . I’ll go and ask An . ”

Cheerfully, Zeng Rou picked up the shoes and went out to find An who was washing cars outside of the house .

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Su Yu touched his nose, feeling bad about the whole thing .

At this moment, his cellphone rang; it was a strange number and obviously from abroad .


“President Su, it’s me . ” It was Nie Lingxuan’s voice .

“Oh . ” Hearing her voice, Su Yu was at a loss for words .

“How are you?”

“Fine . How about you?”

“I’m fine . ”

Then they were silent for as long as 30 seconds as if they didn’t know what to say .

In fact, Nie Lingxuan was a nice girl . She was kind, gentle, pretty, hardworking, and good at acting .

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She was different from all the other performers in the entertainment circle…

But with his hot temper, Su Yu couldn’t find a topic to talk about with such a girl .

He liked the Huo Mian that he had he first met at South Side; she had bickered with him, startling him with unexpected words .

While he talked to a mild girl such as Nie Lingxuan, he just didn’t know what to say .

“Um… How are you doing in the U . S . ? Do you like the food over there?” Su Yu tried to find something to say .

“Everything is fine . I’m happy that I can see Xixi; she often flies here to see me . ”

“Good . Take your time with your studies; the company welcomes you whenever you decide to come back . ”

“Su Yu…” This time, Nie Lingxuan called him Su Yu instead of President Su .


“I missed you . ” Nie Lingxuan was bolder than before probably because she was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and was talking on the phone .

She just told Su Yu directly that she missed him .

Su Yu was feeling really awkward .

“Um… Take care of yourself in the U . S . It’s legal for people to possess guns there and every family has guns, so safety is a big issue . When you go out, you must take bodyguards and your agent with you . If you are short of money, tell me, and I’ll tell the company to transfer money to you . ” Obviously, Su Yu was trying to change the topic .

“Su Yu, did you miss me? Even a little?” Refusing to admit defeat, Nie Lingxuan brought the topic back .

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