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Chapter 3423: 3423
Chapter 3423 Young Master Tang Proposing 3

“I’d like to buy flats that are comfortable to walk in . ”

“Oh . Is she pregnant?” The saleswoman was quite nosy .

“Um… Yeah, for a pregnant woman . ” Su Yu decided to tell the truth .

“These shoes are perfect for your friend . They are new arrivals for this fall . In the north, the weather is turning cold soon, and we can’t wear sandals; these leather flats have soft soles . Just feel it . ”

The saleswoman picked up one shoe and showed it to Su Yu .

He had never bought shoes for women and didn’t know how to choose, but after touching the soles, he found they were indeed soft .

When Huo Mian came to his house that morning, he had noticed the black flats she was wearing were a bit small for her feet now .

Due to her pregnancy, Huo Mian’s feet would become swollen after walking for a long time, and her current shoes were a bit tight for her now .

Su Yu planned to buy her a pair of flats as a gift .

“They are indeed soft . What colors do you have?”

“There are three colors; black, white, and pink . ”

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“Um… Get one pair of each for me . ”

“You want three pairs?” The saleswoman was startled .

“Yeah . Pack them up . ”

“Sir, these shoes are new arrivals and there are no discounts for them . One pair is 8,600 yuan; three pairs are 25,800 yuan . ”

“Here is 30,000 yuan . Keep the rest as your tip . ”

Su Yu was a generous man and he was in a good mood now that he had found the shoes he wanted .

The saleswoman was elated . Having been a saleswoman for luxurious brands for a long time, she had found some rich people were misers and quite sensitive to prices . Few people would buy three pairs of shoes at once and gave a tip of thousands of yuan .

Walking out of the mall with the shoes, he sent Huo Mian a message on WeChat .

“Are you at the hospital?”

“Yeah . ”

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“I’ll go and see you in a moment . ”

“Okay . ”

Huo Mian wasn’t a woman who liked to babble; due to their special relationship, she seldom chatted with Su Yu .

– At South Side –

In a good mood, Su Yu walked into Huo Mian’s office but was surprised to see Qin Chu was in it too .

“Um . Hi,” Su Yu greeted him in awkwardness .

“Hi . ”

“Is today a special day? How come both President Qin and President Su came to my office today? Are you here to get a physical check? I’ll give you guys a 20% discount . ”

“Nonsense . I’m perfectly healthy . I don’t need a check . ” Su Yu chuckled .

Then he saw Huo Mian was wearing a pair of new shoes; the style was simple but the shoes were obviously very expensive .

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“You got new shoes?” Su Yu asked .

“Yeah . Mr . Qin’s gift . He said my feet got bigger lately, so he bought eight pairs . ”

Huo Mian pointed behind her .

Su Yu saw a small pile of shoe boxes .

“These are for you to wear in the hospital; there are ten pairs more at home,” said Qin Chu .

“My goodness . Honey, you’re crazy… Why did you buy so many?” Huo Mian exclaimed .

“For you to wear . I also bought ten pairs for the baby . ”

“He’s not born yet, and you bought shoes for him?” Huo Mian chuckled .

“I saw them so I bought them . It’s no trouble at all . ” Qin Chu sat on the sofa and browsed the financial news while talking to Huo Mian .

Seeing them talk so lovingly, Su Yu felt he had come at a bad time .

“Hey . You came to see me for something?”

“Nothing . I came to see my mother and just dropped in to see you . ”

“Auntie Su is still working?”

“Yeah . ” Su Yu nodded guiltily .

“What’s in your hand? Did you go shopping?” Huo Mian noticed the bag in his hand and it seemed to contain shoe boxes .

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