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Chapter 3422: 3422
Chapter 3422 Young Master Tang Proposing 2

“F*ck! Qiao Fei, you’re shameless,” Lu Yan cursed in rage .

“Three seconds . ”

“Hey! Didn’t you say five seconds?” Lu Yan was frantic .

“I don’t have time to have this bullshit with you . Will you say it or not?”

“I…” Lu Yan glanced around and saw the staff of the hotpot restaurant staring at her . How could she say it in front of them?

But if she didn’t say it, she knew Psycho Qiao’s temper and he would indeed kill An

An idea dawned on her .

She pointed at the staff . “You guys close your eyes and cover your ears . ”

The staff exchanged a look . They didn’t know who the girl was but didn’t dare to disobey her since their manager treated her with great respect .

Immediately, they closed their eyes and covered their ears .

“You, too . ” Lu Yan pointed at the manager who was holding the cellphone .

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“Can I just close my eyes? I can’t cover my ears since I’ve got to hold the cellphone so you can have the video chat,” the manager said fearfully .

“You can’t tell anyone about what you hear, or I’ll kill you . ”

“Okay, okay . I’ll never tell anyone . ”

“Lu Yan, I’m waiting . ” Qiao Fei was impatient .

“Um… I love you, love you . Okay?” Lu Yan said in a small voice .

“Your voice is too small . ”

“Don’t push me, Psycho Qiao . ”

“Your voice was indeed small . Say it again; louder . ”

Inhaling deeply, Lu Yan yelled at the man in the video, “Love you! Love you! I damned love you so much . ”

“That’s more like it . Keep a distance from men, or I might butcher the whole city because of you . ”

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Before Lu Yan could reply, Qiao Fei turned off the video .

“F*ck… What the heck? He’s a total jerk…”

Furious, Lu Yan ran out of the restaurant before the staff opened their eyes .

“What happened? Who wanted to see you?” An immediately walked up to her .

“Um . A psycho . Ignore him . ” Lu Yan glanced around and relaxed when she saw the sniper was gone .

“This shop is weird . Later I’ll ask President Su to deal with them . I’ll take you to another hotpot restaurant . ”

“Um, no . Just drive me back to South Hill Manor . I’m tired and want to have a nap . ”

“But you haven’t eaten, yet . Aren’t you hungry?”

“No, I’m not hungry . I’m just sleepy . ”

“Fine . I’ll drive you back . ”

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An didn’t know why Lu Yan changed her mind so quickly after she came out of the restaurant .

She didn’t smash the restaurant and went home without a fuss .

After driving her back home, An was still worried about her; he drove to buy her favorite food lotus leaf rice noodles and asked the bodyguards of South Hill Manor to give it to her .

Standing before the window on the second floor, Lu Yan felt guilty as she watched An walk up with the lotus leaf rice noodles in his hand .

“Never fall in love with someone like me… People like me have no future . ”

Finishing work in the company, Su Yu saw An wasn’t back yet, so he went out driving the company’s Benz .

– In a mall selling luxurious brands –

“Hello, sir . What can I do for you?”

“Um… I’d like to buy shoes,” said Su Yu .

“I’m sorry, but we sell only women’s shoes . The men’s shoes are downstairs . ” The saleswoman smiled warmly .

“I’d like to buy shoes for a woman as a gift . ”

“For your girlfriend? What style do you like? Come in and have a look, and I’ll explain them to you . ” Hearing that he wanted to buy shoes as a gift, the saleswoman said enthusiastically .

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Su Yu walked in and glanced at the exquisite high-end shoes on display .

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