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Chapter 3421: 3421
Chapter 3421 Young Master Tang Proposing 1

Lu Yan decided to get rid of all the bastards in the hotpot restaurant if they dared to lie to her .

She was ready to commit acts of violence when a familiar voice came .

“Lu Yan, you are enjoying yourself back in China, huh?”

“Psycho Qiao?” Lu Yan was nonplussed .

She turned around and saw the manager of the hotpot restaurant was holding a cellphone in his shaking fingers .

On the screen of the cellphone was a silver-haired man lounging on a Russian-style chair; dressed in a deep blue military uniform, he looked like a demon .

“You, you, you…” Lu Yan couldn’t get the words out .

The damned guy didn’t return her messages or answer her calls . She thought they were in a cold war, but now he suddenly appeared in a hotpot restaurant .

“You’re an untrustworthy woman . ”

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“Here you go again…” Lu Yan was embarrassed .

“I shouldn’t have believed your words . ” Qiao Fei regretted that he had lost his head and agreed to the woman’s plan, which resulted in a long separation for them .

While she was enjoying great food in the company of a young man, he was in Russia facing his cold father, his evil second elder brother, and a star-eyed Amy . Qiao Fei was furious .

“But you badmouthed me with Amy behind my back,” Lu Yan pointed out .

“Do you think it’s right for you to go shopping and have meals with another guy?” Qiao Fei asked .

“Yeah . Everything I do is right; everything you do is wrong . ”

“Lu Yan, you’re being very unreasonable . ”

“I’m not Lu Yan if I’m reasonable . What’s the reason? How much is one pound of it? Can I eat it?” Lu Yan cocked her head and smirked, trying to anger Qiao Fei .

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“You think I can’t deal with you since I’m in Russia, right?”

“What can you do?” Lu Yan continued to provoke him .

“The guy outside is Su Yu’s bodyguard, right? What’s your relationship with him?”

“We’re intimate . He’ll soon become my boyfriend,” Lu Yan said to infuriate Qiao Fei .

“I give you another chance to tell me the truth, or I’ll have him killed in five seconds . ”

Hearing his words, Lu Yan turned around and ran to the entrance of the restaurant .

Standing beside the Lamborghini, An was oblivious of the danger .

Lu Yan looked around and was shocked when she saw a sniper on the top of the building behind An . The sniper was aiming at An .

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She knew Psycho Qiao would never bluff and An was truly in danger .

“Psycho Qiao, are you serious?”

“What do you think?”

“Don’t… Calm down, please…” Scared, Lu Yan admitted defeat .

“So, what’s your relationship with him?”

“Really nothing . My sister asked Su Yu to keep me company, so I don’t get bored . But Su Yu is busy and sent his bodyguard to keep me company . The fellow is a good guy, so don’t take it out on him… There’s nothing between him and me,” Lu Yan finally gave an honest explanation .

“Are you finished?”

“Yeah . I’m finished . There’s nothing between us . Don’t you have spies here? You’ll see I’m telling the truth . Come on and get the sniper out of here . If he’s careless and misfires, it will be a disaster…” If An was killed, Lu Yan knew her sister would be unable to face Su Yu again .

“Say you love me . ”

“Huh?” Lu Yan was stunned .

“Say you love me, and I’ll tell the sniper to retreat,” Qiao Fei said expressionlessly and didn’t look like he was joking .

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