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Chapter 3417: 3417
Chapter 3417 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 17

“Her character… is okay for the time being,” Huo Mian said slowly .

“What do you mean by ‘okay’?” Mrs . Su was impatiently waiting for her son to get married, but she didn’t want to intervene directly, afraid Su Yu would feel harassed .

So, she enlisted Huo Mian’s help, but Huo Mian didn’t like to test people . She took the opportunity of disciplining Little Bean and Pudding and went to Su Yu’s home .

In this way, she had a chance to meet Zeng Rou without appearing too nosy .

“Auntie Su, Zeng Rou… how to put it… seems nice… She doesn’t look like a girl with a seedy character, but I’m curious about something . ”

“About what?”

“With her family background, she should be able to have any boyfriend she wants . Why does she have her eye on Su Yu? I think she moved in here a bit too suddenly and is a bit too warm toward Su Yu . How should I put it? It’s just a feeling . I don’t have any proof . Aunt, please don’t take it to heart, because I’m not sure about it . ”

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Huo Mian analyzed slowly as she ate her lunch .

“I know what you mean . But I asked Mei, Yu’s aunt, and she said she had known the girl for years . The people in the provincial capital have a good opinion about her and say she’s a thoughtful girl . ”

“I don’t know . Aunt, do you remember how well people thought of Song Yishi? She was a straight-A student from an overseas university, looking nice and reasonable . Even my mother-in-law was fooled by her . ”

“Yeah . That’s what I’m afraid of . So, no matter how much Mei praised the girl, I’m still afraid . Mian, you’re smart . I hope you and Chu can do me the favor and check her for Yu . ”

Huo Mian nodded . “Auntie Su, I’ll do my best . I’ll continue watching her . If I find she has a secret agenda and poses a threat to Su Yu, I’ll tell you . ”

“Good! Yu holds you in high regard and will listen to you . If he falls under the charm of the woman and then we find she had a secret agenda, it would be too late . ”

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“I don’t think it’s possible . At my request, Qin Chu checked Zeng Rou’s background . Her father has a stable position and there are no rumors of him being moved to another position, so I don’t think he is using his daughter to get close to Su Yu and get a promotion with Grandpa Su’s influence . However, Zeng Rou has had no interaction with Su Yu in the past years, so her sudden appearance confused me . But we can’t think the worst of her; maybe she just likes Su Yu . ”

“I hope she truly likes him, then it would be a good marriage . But it takes time to see one’s heart . Despite my impatience to see Yu married, I must know her character and intention first . ”

“Auntie Su, you’re wise . ” Huo Mian admired the old lady who always did things with good sense .

“You flatter me . We’re old… This internet era belongs to young people like you . ” Mrs . Su smiled .

After getting checked at the hospital, Lu Yan went out to have fun .

She liked to spend money whenever she got bored, so she made a beeline to the mall and bought things for everyone in Huo Mian’s family .

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With many bags in her hands, she stood at the gate of the mall, wondering how she’d get them home .

To keep low-profiled, she didn’t want to call her subordinates over; after all, it was annoying to be escorted by four to five subordinates wherever she went .

At last, an idea dawned on her . She took out her cellphone and called An .

“Hello?” An looked at the strange number and wondered if it was a scam call .

“Hello, I’m from the public security bureau . We found your card in Alliance Bank has spent 1 . 83 million yuan outside the country . Was it you who spent the money?” Lu Yan suppressed her laugh as she played the prank .

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