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Chapter 3416: 3416
Chapter 3416 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 16

“Come in . ”

Huo Mian put away the papers on her desk and stood up .

Zeng Rou entered the room and glanced around .

She knew Huo Mian was a vice director, but the office didn’t have any high-end decorations .

It looked like the office of an ordinary doctor, simple and clean .

“Take a seat . What would you like to drink?”

“Let me do it . ” Seeing Huo Mian’s belly was big with the baby, Zeng Rou didn’t want her to get water for her .

Huo Mian nodded and handed a disposable water cup to her .

“The tea and coffee are in the lower drawer . Help yourself . ”

“Water is good for me . ” Zeng Rou poured herself a cup of water at the drinking fountain and sat on the black sofa .

They fell silent .

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Then, Huo Mian got an internal call and arranged some work over the phone .

Zeng Rou sat there and waited quietly .

After Huo Mian ended the call, she asked tentatively, “Dr . Huo, you asked me to come…”

“Oh, I heard your foot is injured and I’d like to have it checked . Come, let’s go to the Orthopedics Department . ”

“Huh?” Before she could understand what was happening, Zeng Rou was brought to the Orthopedics Department by Huo Mian .

Obviously, Huo Mian was familiar with the doctors in the department .

After scanning her foot, a nurse helped her to sit down .

Huo Mian took the image and talked with some senior doctors in a solemn discussion .

After a while, Huo Mian walked to her .

“Do you feel pain in your leg?”

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“Not usually . I feel a bit of pain when I walk too fast or too much . ”

“Okay . You might have walked too much before the wound was healed completely, so a small bone got dislocated . ”

“Ah? Is it serious? Do I need surgery?” Zeng Rou was scared at the thought of surgery .

“No . But you must rest properly and can’t walk so much . I’ll prescribe some antibiotics and you must take it according to the instructions . The weather is warm, so you must change the bandage regularly . If you can’t come, I’ll ask a nurse to go to the house and change it for you . ”

“That’s not necessary . I’m bored at home, so I’ll come here to change the bandage each week . ”

“Okay, that’s fine . ”

At this moment, the young nurse came back with a bag of medicine at Huo Mian’s instruction .

“Take these home, and you must eat them according to the instructions . ”

“Okay . How much is it? Where should I go and pay for it?” Zeng Rou stood up with her purse .

“It’s not necessary . I paid for it already . ”

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“Ah? No, I can’t let you pay for it . ” Zeng Rou was embarrassed since she didn’t feel she was close with Huo Mian enough to let the latter pay for her medicine .

“It’s okay . You’re Su Yu’s friend, so you’re my friend, too . ”

Huo Mian handed the bag of medicine to Zeng Rou and instructed, “Little Cui, go and get a taxi for Miss Zeng; help her into the car . ”

“Okay, Vice Director . ”

“Thank you, Huo… Huo Mian . ” Zeng Rou felt warm inside .

In her life, no one but her parents had been so nice to her; thoughtfully, Huo Mian even booked a taxi for her .

Previously, the people around her had just been trying to flatter her and use her to gain favor from her father .

So, she was a bit uncomfortable when Huo Mian was so nice to her .

Watching Zeng Rou walk out, Huo Mian’s eyes looked unreadable .

At lunchtime in the cafeteria at South Side .

Huo Mian sat across from Mrs . Su . Since Huo Mian offered her the managing job in the hospital, Mrs . Su came to work here almost every day .

She was benign to everyone and the young nurses were all friendly to her . Of course, some of them did it because they wanted to get close to Su Yu .

“Mian, what do you think of that girl’s character?” Mrs . Su asked eagerly .

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