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Chapter 3418: 3418
Chapter 3418 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 18

“Yeah… I did,” An had received lots of such scam calls, so he answered calmly .

“Damn it . I thought you were an honest guy but you’re quite a boaster, right?” Lu Yan raised her voice .

“Lu Yan?” An recognized her voice and almost laughed .

“It’s me! It’s me! I’m dying… Come and rescue me . ”

“Ah? Are you fighting with someone?” An was startled .

“Just come . I’m at the gate of the Intime Department Store . I’ll give you ten minutes; only ten . ”

“Hey… I say…”

Before An could finish, Lu Yan ended the call .

“She’s unbelievable . Fighting at the gate of a department store?” An got even more worried at the thought .

He had met her only recently, but he knew Lu Yan’s hot temper .

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She was a woman who would fight at the slightest provocation .

So, he turned around and asked for a leave from Su Yu .

“President Su, I need to go out for a while . ”

“Permission denied . ” Su Yu continued reading the files .

“I’m serious, President Su . ”

“I’m serious too . Like me, you’re also a single dog… Why do you need to go out?” Su Yu seemed to know his wingman very well .

“Dr . Huo’s sister is fighting with someone . I must go and rescue her . ”

“Fighting?” Su Yu looked up .

“Yeah . Lu Ya’s got a hot temper . In the days since she came, she got into a fight almost every day . ” An counted with his fingers .

“Lu Yan is a firecracker . ” Su Yu felt a pain in his head .

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“In fact, her personality is quite good; very simple,” An bit on his lip and said shyly .

“Forget it . She’s not my type . It would be a disaster if I had such a wife…” Su Yu shook his head .

Despite his own hot temper, he liked girls that are calm and quiet .

Of course, he didn’t know that he liked girls with high IQ and a calm and cool personality until he fell in love with Huo Mian .

Lu Yan was as violent as a bomb and would explode at the slightest provocation . Su Yu thought no ordinary man could put up with her .

Of course, Lu Yan’s mate would never be an ordinary man .

“Can’t talk to you now . President Su, I’ve got to go . By the way, I’ll be taking the Lamborghini . ”

An walked to the desk, took the key, and left .

“Hey! Fellow… I’m not finished yet…” Watching An leave in a hurry, Su Yu smiled in resignation .

It wasn’t far from Imperial Star to Intime Department Store, but since both places were downtown, the traffic was heavy .

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Afraid to be late, An sped to the department store by taking small alleys, not caring about the traffic rules .

Finally, he stopped the car before Lu Yan right in time .

“I’m not late, right?” An got out of the car, panting .

“No . It took you nine minutes and fifteen seconds . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“Where are they?” An glanced around but didn’t see anyone else .

“What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you say you were dying?”

“Yeah . Look at all these bags; how can I carry them all? My hands will die if I carry them . ” Lu Yan pointed at the loot on the ground .

An: “…”

“What are you waiting for? Help me carry them into the car . ”

“Oh . Okay . ” Seeing Lu Yan was fine, An relaxed .

When he took the bags from Lu Yan, An noticed a detail .

He found Lu Yan’s hands were full of calluses; the skin on her hands was not as smooth and tender as the hands of a normal girl a bit over 20 years .

“What are you staring at?” Lu Yan patted him on the shoulder .

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