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Chapter 3415: 3415
3415 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 15

“No, she didn’t,” Huo Mian said calmly .

The twins looked surprised . After all, who else would tell on them?

“Auntie, did you do it?” Little Bean turned to look at Lu Yan .

“Do you think so low of your auntie? Telling on people?” Lu Yan looked disgusted .

“Mom, how did you know it?” Pudding was puzzled .

If Zeng Rou didn’t do it, no one among these people would tell on them .

“I saw it on the surveillance cameras in the hospital,” Huo Mian said calmly .

“Surveillance cameras?” Little Bean was surprised .

Pudding understood suddenly . “Oh . I got it . Mom went to take Auntie out of the hospital and found she was gone . So she pulled out the surveillance records and heard our conversation at the door of the ward . ”

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“Right . ” Huo Mian nodded .

“It seems we misunderstood Auntie Zeng Rou . We thought it was her,” Little Bean bit on her lip and said in a small voice .

“It doesn’t matter if she told on you guys or not; I must warn you to stay out of Su Yu’s business . ” Huo Mian still looked stern .

“Mom…” Little Bean began to play cute .

“Don’t cozy up to me . I’m talking about a serious issue . Don’t you think you’ve done more than enough?” Huo Mian’s expression was cold .

“That’s because we regard Captain Su as part of our family, just as he regards us as his family,” Little Bean argued .

“But even as a family member, you must give him some privacy . Even your Grandpa and Grandma Su didn’t intervene… But you guys kicked up a fuss . ”

The twins lowered their heads at their mom’s reprimanding .

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“About the incident of breakfast, this is my first and last warning . You must know how to behave yourselves in the future . ”

That said, Huo Mian glanced out of the window . “We’re at the school . Now get out of the car . ”

“Mom, goodbye; Auntie, goodbye . ” Dispirited, Little Bean got out of the car with her schoolbag .

“Mom, goodbye; Auntie, goodbye . ” Pudding looked mopey since she couldn’t see the issue from her mom’s perspective and thought her mom was too harsh with them .

After the kids were out of the car, Lu Yan leaned over and took Huo Mian’s arm .

“Sis, you… were a bit too harsh with them . ”

“I wasn’t . ”

“I think you scared them . ” Lu Yan’s heart ached for the little two .

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“Miss Lu Yan, don’t be fooled by them . They are full of tricks; they pretended to look pathetic to gain my pity, so I won’t continue the lecture . Do you think they’re truly afraid?”

“Um… The people in your family are deep . ” Lu Yan thought this family of four was complicated enough; she wondered what an uproar it would be after the baby comes out .

“Yeah . It’s not easy to teach kids . Since I brought them into this world, I must teach them how to behave instead of letting them do whatever they want . I don’t want them to grow into spoiled girls without consideration for others . People would blame me for not teaching them . ”

“Whoa . Calm down . Sis, you’re not old, so don’t talk like an old lady, okay? It’s irritating to hear that tone… Let’s not talk about them . Just take me to do the check…”

Lu Yan didn’t want to talk about how to raise kids since she didn’t know how to maintain a relationship yet .

At South Side, Huo Mian did a thorough check on Lu Yan and let her go after making sure she was fine .

Sometime later, Zeng Rou also arrived .

She had come alone in a taxi, which surprised Huo Mian since she thought Su Yu would come with her .

“Dr . Huo, it’s me . ” Zeng Rou knocked on the door .

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