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Chapter 3407: 3407
Chapter 3407 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 7

Lu Yan didn’t know how to answer An’s question .

“I… do small business abroad . ”

“What kind of business?” Obviously, An didn’t believe her .

“Um… I just do errands and solve problems for people in exchange for money . ”

“Ah?” An froze .

“No, no . Um… I mean I take money from people and help them have fun,” Lu Yan immediately corrected herself .

“What on earth is the business?” An found Lu Yan’s description extremely vague .

“Forget it . You won’t understand even if I tell you . Don’t ask, okay? Anyway, you just take me as a spendthrift girl with a super-rich dad . ”

An nodded and didn’t say more of it . After all, with Dr . Huo and President Qin being so wealthy, how could their sister be poor? She was probably just a daughter of a Chinese magnate living abroad .

She had probably learned some Kungfu when she was young, just in case someone tried to kidnap her .

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Lu Yan and An arrived at Su Yu’s house less than 20 minutes after Su Yu .

They didn’t say anything about the fight or the new car since An was afraid his boss’s heart was too fragile to take in all this information .

When they entered, they found that Zeng Rou had made breakfast and was bringing it to the table .

It was simple: toasts, ham slices, and fried eggs .

She heated some milk because she wasn’t a professional cook and couldn’t make steamed buns .

“That’s all?” Lu Yan glanced at it and asked coolly .

“Auntie, what do you want to eat?” Little Bean immediately asked .

“I like Chinese breakfast such as congee and pickles,” said Lu Yan .

“Um… An, you go and buy some for us . ” Su Yu glanced at An .

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“It’s okay . I can make congee; it will be ready very soon,” said Zeng Rou .

“How about pickles? We don’t have pickles, right?” Su Yu didn’t like pickles, so they usually didn’t buy them .

“I can make pickles with cucumber . Just wait a moment . ”

Now that everyone was eating, Zeng Rou felt it wasn’t right to ask An to go out and buy food, so she might as well just make it herself .

“Then I’ll help you . ” Su Yu felt it wasn’t right to have Zeng Rou go and cook in the kitchen while everyone else was eating .

“Handsome Su, you feel bad for her?” Little Bean smirked .

“Shut up . Zeng Rou isn’t my housemaid, so it’s not right to treat her in this way . You guys continue with your meal . I’ll go and help her . ”

He went into the kitchen .

“President Su, you stay put; I’ll go help Miss Zeng . ” An was about to rise when Lu Yan kicked him .

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“Sit down . ”

“Huh?” An was confused .

“It’s none of your business . Just sit down . ” Lu Yan gave him a hard look .

An didn’t dare to move; he felt the twins and Lu Yan were behaving a bit strangely but couldn’t name it .

In the kitchen .

When Su Yu entered, Zeng Rou was washing the rise .

“I’ll help you . ”

“It’s not necessary . Go out and have breakfast . I’ll get it ready in a moment . ”

“Um… are you displeased?”

“Why?” Zeng Rou looked at Su Yu .

“When the kids asked to have breakfast here all of a sudden, I guessed they might have some misunderstandings about you . They are very close to me and thus don’t like the women around me… I hope you don’t take it to heart . ”

“I know . ” Zeng Rou nodded .

“I apologize for what happened today . You’re not my housemaid and don’t have to cook for us,” Su Yu sounded ashamed .

“What are you talking about? We’re friends, right?” Zeng Rou smiled cheerfully .

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