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Chapter 3406: 3406
Chapter 3406 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 6

Before Lu Yan could move, An dashed up and sent the guy flying for three meters with a kick .

The guy held his chest and didn’t get up .

“Ouch! Come and see… They hit me . ”

The guy decided to take the chance and accuse them of hitting him . More and more people stopped and came to watch .

“You started it . How can you accuse us?” Indignantly, An tried to reason with the guy .

But the guy wouldn’t listen; he grabbed the excuse to reverse the trend .

Even if he was fine, he wouldn’t get up .

“Don’t want to get up? Good… I’ll help you . ”

With a grin, Lu Yan walked over, and An had a bad feeling about it .

Sure enough, Lu Yan walked to the side of the man and kicked him hard .

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Snap! The man could hear his ribs breaking .

“Ahh…” The man screamed like a pig being butchered .

Then she stepped on the man’s kneecap and stomped . With a crack, the right knee broke .

“Help! She’s killing me… She’s killing me…” The man howled and the people watching the scene were stupefied .

Lu Yan clapped her hands and said, “With four ribs on the left broken and right kneecap shattered, you’ll pay up to hundreds of thousands of yuan on the surgeries and subsequent treatments . It’s about the same amount as the damage you caused to the Porsche . You don’t have to pay for the car… So, stop screaming . ”

She turned to leave, with An following her in a daze .

“Stop her! You can’t let her go . She must get me to the hospital…”

“Lawyers will get in touch with you . You can choose to settle it in or out of court,” An said to him; he knew something about the law after working for Su Yu for years .

An knew Lu Yan wasn’t in the right for beating the guy, but Su Yu had lawyers and so did Qin Chu’s company .

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They would deal with the issue without Lu Yan’s presence .

With the Porsche ruined, An walked away with Lu Yan .

“Let’s take a taxi . I’ll tell President Su about the car . ” An decided to take responsibility, thinking it wasn’t right to blame it on Lu Yan .

“Is that a Porsche dealer across the street?”

“Yeah…” An nodded, not comprehending her intention .

Lu Yan crossed the street and walked toward the luxurious shop with An following her closely .

“Welcome,” a saleswoman said warmly .

“Do you have a Porsche 911 in stock?”

“Yes . ”

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“How much?”

“1 . 98 million yuan for the high-level configuration; we have discounts if you pay with a mortgage or in installments . ”

“I’ll pay cash with a bank card . ” Lu Yan took out a deep blue card inlaid with diamonds . The words on the card were English .

“This…” The saleswoman was stupefied since she had never seen such a decisive buyer in all the years that she had worked in the dealer shop .

“What? You don’t accept the Global Pay diamond card?” Lu Yan frowned .

“Yes, yes… Please wait . ”

Ten minutes later, Lu Yan drove out in a new Porsche as An sat in the passenger seat feeling as if he was in a dream .

The woman crashed into a car and beat someone just for one sentence; then she bought a brand-new car that resembled the old one in 15 minutes .

She was so… cool .

1 . 98 million was an astronomical figure but Lu Yan spent it as if she had just bought a roasted sweet potato from a street-side stall .

An felt his heart couldn’t stand the excitement .

“Lu Yan,” An said in a low voice .

“Yes?” Lu Yan answered while driving .

“What… is your job?” An wouldn’t believe her if the girl said she was only an ordinary college student .

The kick she gave the man was so precise and forceful that it broke his ribs . The woman was absolutely… extraordinary .

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