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Published at 1st of August 2020 01:25:06 AM
Chapter 3408: 3408
Chapter 3408 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 8

“We are friends, but I…” Su Yu was about to say more, but Zeng Rou interrupted him, “Okay . If you truly want to help, rinse the rice for me . I’ll go and peel the cucumbers . ”

She pushed the small pot containing rice into his hands .

Half an hour later, they came out of the kitchen .

“The rice congee is ready . ” Zeng Rou placed the pot on the table .

“But I’m full now,” said Lu Yan .

Zeng Rou: “…”

“You’re too slow for a housemaid . Are you a professional housemaid?” Lu Yan stared at Zeng Rou .

“Miss Lu, she’s not a housemaid; she’s my… friend,” Su Yu explained hurriedly .

“Ah? Friend? President Su, you’re very generous to let a female friend live in your house,” Lu Yan said slyly .

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Zeng Rou looked a bit embarrassed . She had badgered Su Yu to move into the house, but it was still embarrassing to hear people point it out in public .

“Miss Zeng is President Su’s girlfriend recommended by his family . It’s why she lives here . ”

An thought Zeng Rou was nice, making them breakfast and night meals, so he decided to speak for her .

Seeing An and Su Yu defend her, Zeng Rou felt better .

“Oh, girlfriend… I see . I’m sorry for my impertinence . ” Lu Yan grinned .

“It’s fine . Let’s… eat . ”

Zeng Rou sat down beside Su Yu with a smile and began to have breakfast .

“You two eat; we’re finished . Su Yu, you have a swimming pool out there; I want to take a dip . ”

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That said, Lu Yan glanced at the twins . “Girls, come with me . ”

“Okay, Auntie . ”

Obediently, Little Bean and Pudding followed Lu Yan out to the swimming pool .

An finished breakfast and returned to his room to change his clothes .

Left in the dining room all by themselves, Zeng Rou and Su Yu felt a bit awkward .

“That woman is…”

“She’s Mian’s younger sister . ” When Su Yu mentioned Huo Mian casually, he always called her Mian in a gentle tone .

“Oh, Dr . Huo’s younger sister . She’s beautiful . ”

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“Yeah . They have good genes, so Pudding and Little Bean are pretty, too . ” Su Yu was proud when he mentioned the twins .

“It seems Pudding and Little Bean are trying to match you up with their auntie,” said Zeng Rou .

“Huh? Are they?” Su Yu was surprised .

“Can’t you see it?”

“Impossible . Their auntie is only a girl a bit over 20 . Her temper is too hot for my taste . ”

Su Yu had heard how excellent Lu Yan was; after meeting her, he found she was indeed beautiful and had a dominating air about her .

But she wasn’t his type . It was as simple as that .

“The kids want to see you together since you are both excellent people… If so, I don’t think it’s right for me to stay here . I’ll pack up and move to a hotel . ”

“Huh? Why? You can live here; there are many rooms in the house . ”

If Zeng Rou wanted to move on any other day, Su Yu wouldn’t object; but after the incident, he felt a bit guilty as if they had bullied her out of the house .

“I think I’m not needed here . Ha . ” Zeng Rou smiled awkwardly .

Su Yu fell silent…

“Su Yu, if, I mean if, you must choose between me and Lu Yan, whom would you choose?” Zeng Rou looked at his profile and asked earnestly .

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