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Chapter 3405: 3405
Chapter 3405 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 5

Hearing her words, An braked immediately and pulled up on the side; he engaged the emergency brake, so people would think they stopped due to a problem with the car .

After all, it wasn’t right to stop on the viaduct without a good reason .

“What’s up, hero?” An was startled .

“Switch seats with me . I’ll drive . ”

“Huh?” Before An could react, Lu Yan dragged him out by grabbing his collar .

Then she got behind the wheel; before An could sit down, she stepped hard on the gas and the car shot out like an arrow . It was a thrilling sight .

“Slow down! Slow down . We have a speed limit in the city . ” An kept warning her .

Lu Yan ignored him as she overtook several cars and raced toward the white Toyota .

“Lu Yan, don’t…” An finally understood why Lu Yan took over the driving . She was targeting the white Toyota .

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An thought she’d hit it with their car, but he was wrong .

She overtook the white Toyota and cut in the lane before it .

Then she stepped on the brake and stopped the car .

The driver in the White Toyota was caught by surprise and it was too late for him to stop in time .

The white Toyota crashed into Su Yu’s white Porsche 911 .

The huge sound of the crash startled everyone .

Lu Yan was prepared and dragged An out of the car with her .

The rear of the Porsche was damaged beyond recognition .

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The driver in the white Toyota was cushioned by the airbag, and his car was severely damaged too .

The driver was uninjured but was scared witless by the accident .

He stared ahead with a blank mind .

Letting go of a startled An, Lu Yan walked to the Toyota .

“Stupid bastard, you rear-ended me…” Lu Yan said with a smirk .

“You stopped before me purposefully . Are you trying to blackmail me?” The guy snapped back to his senses and railed at Lu Yan .

“Did you see I stopped on purpose before you?” Lu Yan asked .

“You can’t blackmail me . I’ve got a dashcam . When the police come, they’ll know I’m innocent . ” The guy looked confident .

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Lu Yan glanced at his dashcam and turned the wheel on her watch slightly .

“I’m afraid your dashcam is broken . You’re out of luck . ”

“Impossible . I don’t believe it…”

Afraid Lu Yan would damage his dashcam, he immediately took the dashcam from his car .

But he couldn’t turn it on . Pulling out the chip, he inserted it into the device again but there was no data in it .

“Damn it . What’s wrong with it? It was fine yesterday . ” The guy was dumbfounded as he found the dashcam was indeed broken .

If he couldn’t prove that the woman had stopped the car before him purposefully, he must take full responsibility in the rear-end accident according to the traffic rules .

“Your Toyota Camry costs at most 300,000 yuan, but my Porsche costs about one million . Even if you get the insurance company to pay for it, the most you can get is 500,000 yuan and you have to pay the rest . The car is ruined beyond repair . I think you’d better buy a new one for me . ” Lu Yan raised her head .

“B*tch, you dare to blackmail me . I’ll kill you…” Enraged, the guy dashed up and punched at her face .

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