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Published at 30th of July 2020 03:50:05 AM
Chapter 3404: 3404
Chapter 3404 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 4

“The problem is you two won’t tell me the truth if I don’t go to your mom,” Su Yu said reasonably .

The twins exchanged a look and fell silent .

In the Porsche following Su Yu’s car, An was thrilled that Lu Yan had chosen to ride with him; usually, women would prefer Su Yu, who was the center of attention wherever he went . In contrast, An was just a wingman, a lowly bodyguard, and an employee, as he tagged himself .

He was surprised that Lu Yan showed him such an honor .

Excited, his hands on the steering wheel trembled slightly .

“Hey, Bro! Can you drive? You’re so nervous . Do you want me to drive?” Lu Yan felt the fellow couldn’t drive in this state .

“No problem . I got up early this morning and am not at my prime,” An explained with this excuse .

Lu Yan smiled and didn’t speak . Then she took out her cellphone to play games .

Her cellphone wasn’t of much use to her . She only used it to add her sister and nieces on WeChat after she returned to China .

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Usually, she used the cellphone just to play games .

“You like playing games?” An asked .

“Sort of . ”

“I like games, too . When you have time, want to go a round?” An clenched his teeth and said bashfully .

“I’d kick your ass, so it won’t be fun . I won’t play games with you . ”

An: “…”

When you talked with Lu Yan, sometimes she could tickle you into laughter; sometimes she’d surprise you into silence .

An had never tried so hard to talk to a girl before, but Lu Yan silenced him with a few words .

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The girls he had met through WeChat Shake all lavished attention to him when they saw his profile photo in a military uniform, thinking he was a military officer .

In fact, An was quite rich after working for Su Yu for years .

But he was a farmer’s son and never spent money lavishly even though he had money .

Su Yu had promised that he’d give An a house, a racecar, and even money when An got married .

An had thought his ex-girlfriend a good girl, but to his disappointment, he later found she loved money .

He knew it wasn’t wrong for women to love money since everyone wanted to have a good life, but he didn’t come from a wealthy family and couldn’t bear to see his wife spend more than one hundred thousand yuan on a handbag even though he could afford it .

Due to his different ideas about money spending, An had seldom gone out and dated girls after that .

However, Lu Yan kindled the passion that he had suppressed deep inside .

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The previous girls he had dated were girls he had thought he could have a normal life with .

But Lu Yan was different; An felt his heart race when he saw her .

When she smiled at him, he felt as if he was on the top of the world . An didn’t know that the feeling he had was love .

Due to being distracted, he almost bumped into the white Toyota who had cut in before him on the viaduct .

“How the fuck are you driving? Are you stupid?” the driver of the Toyota rolled down the window and cursed at him .

An had witnessed lots of cases of road rage like this; since he was in the wrong, he pretended he didn’t hear him and continued driving .

Lu Yan put down her cellphone slowly and frowned at the white Toyota .

“Pull up to the side,” said Lu Yan .

“Huh?” An didn’t understand .

“I said pull up on the side immediately . ” Lu Yan was used to giving commands .

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