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Chapter 3403: 3403
3403 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 3

“Handsome Su, I think it’s a good idea…” Little Bean said with a smile .

They knew they were making it difficult for Su Yu .

After all, Zeng Rou wasn’t a housemaid; she cooked for Su Yu and An as a friend, not because she was obligated to .

So, Su Yu didn’t have the right to order Zeng Rou to cook for them .

“Miss Little Bean, Miss Pudding, Miss Zeng Rou is…” An wanted to explain the situation and help his boss out .

But he was interrupted by Pudding .

“Handsome Su, you can call her and ask for her opinion . We don’t like to eat in restaurants since home-cooked food is more to our taste . I heard Auntie Zeng Rou is very good at cooking . If she agrees, we can go to your house for breakfast . ”

Hearing Pudding put it in this way, Su Yu couldn’t find an excuse to refuse even though he felt it wasn’t right to order Zeng Rou to do anything .

Anyway, he picked up his cellphone .

“Hello?” Zeng Rou was groggy since she was woken up by the call .

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“Um… Is it okay for us to return home and have breakfast there?”


“Yeah . Can you make some breakfast for… us?” Su Yu sounded guilty .

“Us? Who do you mean?” Zeng Rou wasn’t stupid and knew there were quite a few people when she heard Su Yu falter before the word “us” .

“Me, An, Pudding, Little Bean, and… their auntie,” Su Yu said in a small voice .

Zeng Rou understood immediately .

At her silence, Su Yu thought she’d refuse him .

He was about to speak when Zeng Rou said, “Okay, I’ll go and prepare breakfast . ”

“Do we have groceries at home? If it’s not enough, we’ll buy some on our way back . ”

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“We have enough . Last night, I asked An to buy some groceries at the supermarket . ”

“Good . We’ll get home in a moment . ”

“Okay . ”

Hanging up, Su Yu still felt guilty .

“Um… She’s preparing breakfast . Shall we go now?” Su Yu said .

“Auntie Zeng Rou agreed?” Little Bean was incredulous .

“She did . Zeng Rou is not so bad and not too sensitive, either . Sometimes, she acts just like a man . She doesn’t mind it,” Su Yu explained .

“Okay . Let’s go and have breakfast . ” Little Bean took Lu Yan’s hand happily and went toward the cars .

“Auntie, you sit in the Lamborghini driven by Su Yu,” Little Bean directed .

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“Ameh… No… um… You guys get in his car; I’ll ride in the next one . ” Lu Yan got into the Porsche chauffeured by An .

“Um… Auntie seems familiar with Uncle An,” Little Bean said .

“Of course . Uncle An once took her out and showed her around the city . ” Pudding watched Lu Yan get into An’s car .

Without further ado, they got into Su Yu’s car .

The moment they entered, Su Yu began the interrogation .

“Tell me . What on earth are you up to?” Su Yu looked at them solemnly .

“What do you mean? Handsome Su, I don’t understand you . ” Little Bean played dumb .

“Don’t play dumb with me, kiddos . You’re trying to mess with Zeng Rou . Why do you dislike her so much?” Su Yu knew the kids truly didn’t like Zeng Rou .

“No . We don’t dislike her . ” Little Bean refused to admit it .

“Yeah . Handsome Su, how can you say we dislike her?” Pudding didn’t admit it, either .

“Whoa . You are stubborn with me, right? Just wait until I tell your mom about it,” Su Yu threatened .

“Um… It’s between us and we can solve it ourselves . Handsome Su, it’s not honorable to tell on us to our mom . ” Little Bean panicked .

If their mom knew that they had concocted a plan to test Zeng Rou, she’d deal with them .

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