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Chapter 3402: 3402
3402 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 2

People were waiting outside impatiently .

“Is Little Bean okay? I wonder if our auntie got angry at her . ” Pudding was worried .

“I don’t think so . If she was angry, we’d have heard screaming long ago…” Lu Yan’s subordinates said .

“Lu Yan is so strange? One has to risk their lives to wake her up in the morning?” Su Yu stroked his chin and wondered about this woman .

“She’s got a hot temper…” An chuckled .

He remembered how Lu Yan crippled the young scoundrels that had tried to rob her after she won the prize at the arcade hall .

An still couldn’t understand why the gentle Dr . Huo would have such a hot-tempered younger sister .

Of course, he didn’t know that Lu Yan and Huo Mian were sisters by blood .

Three minutes later, Lu Yan came out . Since she didn’t put on make-up, she was fast after getting dressed, washing her face, and brushing her teeth .

Even without make-up, she was a rare great beauty, standing out in the crowd .

The moment she walked out, Lu Yan was nonplussed .

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“Who can tell me what’s happening here?” Lu Yan was confused when she saw so many people standing in the corridor .

“Um… Boss, they are here to pick you up from the hospital, I think,” one of her subordinates put in .

“Auntie, this is Handsome Su,” Pudding immediately introduced .

Lu Yan looked up and glanced at Su Yu . “I know . ”

“Ah? Did you two meet before?” Pudding was surprised .

“No, but we saw each other on the video chat . Have you forgotten about it?” Lu Yan said calmly .

“Handsome Su, come and say hello…” Little Bean reminded Su Yu in a low voice .

Su Yu walked up awkwardly .

“Um… I’m Su Yu . ”

“Oh . I’m Lu Yan . ” Lu Yan looked as if she was still groggy from sleep .

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The twins had thought it would be a great drama when the two met, but it turned out to be quite uneventful .

“Um… let’s get into the car . ”

“Oh . Okay . ”

Lu Yan walked out with the kids and Su Yu .

Before she left, she told her subordinates to go back and rest since she had been released from the hospital and didn’t need their protection .

Walking out of the hospital, Lu Yan was stupefied when she saw so many cars .

“Are you here to pick up a bride or something? Why did you come with so many cars?”

“Hahaha! You’re the bride . ” Little Bean chuckled .

“What’s happening? I’m just being discharged from the hospital . Do you have to make such a fuss about it? You guys look like upstarts . ”

“It was their idea . ” Su Yu immediately placed the blame on the twins .

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To tell the truth, he didn’t like it, either; it looked like a group of gangsters were picking up their gang leader who had just been released from prison .

“Where are we going?” Lu Yan looked confused, wondering if they were going for an outing with so many cars with them .

“We’re going to have breakfast . Auntie, what do you want to eat?” Little Bean took Lu Yan’s hand .

“It’s so early in the morning; what can we eat? How about buns and congee?” Lu Yan asked .

“No . That’s too simple . We must celebrate you being discharged from the hospital . ”

“Yeah . Auntie, what do you want to eat?” Pudding asked .

They had talked about it for a long time last night but didn’t come up with a plan . So, they decided to ask Lu Yan about it on the spot .

“Anything can do . You decide . ”

“No . Auntie, you must tell us what you want to eat since we’re here because of you . Come on, say it,” Little Bean urged her .

Lu Yan realized that if she didn’t say what they should eat, they wouldn’t leave the hospital today .

“Um… How about KFC?” Lu Yan thought that other than the breakfast stalls on the roadside, only KFC provided breakfast so early in the morning .

Hearing her words, the others went silent .

Then, Little Bean looked at Pudding meaningfully .

Pudding looked at Su Yu and said, “Handsome Su, I heard Aunt Zeng Rou has good cooking skills . Let’s drive to your house and ask her to cook for us, okay?”

“Huh?” Su Yu was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events .

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