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Chapter 3401: 3401
3401 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 1

Seeing the large group of people walk toward Lu Yan’s ward, Lu Yan’s subordinates got wary .

They didn’t relax until they saw the twins .

“Little misses, good morning…” The subordinates who had met the twins immediately greeted them .

“Good morning . Is our auntie in there?” Little Bean asked .

“Yes . The boss is sleeping . She stayed up late last night . ”

“Was she sleepless because of her wound?” Pudding was worried .

“Um… no . Our boss missed her friend so much that she wanted to go to another place to see him; but she was stopped by Young Madam, which is your mommy . ”

“Oh . Then I’ll go and wake her up . ” Little Bean walked toward the door .

“Little miss, our boss hates to be woken up . Why are you here so early in the morning?”

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“We’re here to pick Auntie up from the hospital,” Little Bean said with her chubby hands clasped behind her back .

“Um… You’d better wait a moment . I’m afraid our boss will get mad if you go in now . ”

Hearing his words, Little Bean and Pudding exchanged a look as if they were thinking if they should enter now .

“Rock, scissors, paper . The one who loses will go in,” Little Bean said .

“Okay . ” Pudding agreed .

After all, waking up their auntie was a tough task; with her hot temper, Lu Yan might explode when she was roused from her sleep .

The twins got cautious and decided to do it with rock, scissors, paper .

“Come on . Rock, scissors, paper . ”

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After they called it, Little Bean chose paper against Pudding’s scissors .

“You lose,” said Pudding .

“It doesn’t count . Two out of three,” Little Bean said .

“Shame on you . Now go in and wake up Auntie . ” Pudding wouldn’t give her a chance to get out of it .

Touching her sweating forehead, Little Bean walked in with a dark expression and forgot even to knock on the door .

She moved close to the bed silently, afraid to startle Lu Yan .

Lu Yan looked to be asleep, but she was a light sleeper and would wake up at the slightest sound and enter battle mode; it was a habit she had formed after being hunted down by her enemies for years .

Little Bean tiptoed over and reached out her hand to pat Lu Yan’s shoulder .

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Lu Yan turned around abruptly and almost strangled her; fortunately, she saw it was Little Bean or she’d have crushed the intruder’s throat .

“Auntie, it’s me! It’s me!” Little Bean was scared .

“Little Bean, why are you here so early in the morning?” Lu Yan was confused .

“Um… My sister and I came to pick you up from the hospital . ”

“But it’s too early for that . It’s not even 7 AM . Are you two trying to mess with me? I’m so good to you kids…” Lu Yan didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh .

It was torture to be woken up so early .

If it was someone else, she swore that she’d have knocked the person to the ground .

“Um… We have a tradition here to take the patients out of the hospital in the early morning on the release day, so they won’t get sick again . ” Little Bean improvised a lie .

“Huh? Really? Your mom didn’t tell me that…”

“My mom is busy as the vice director and doesn’t have time to say these things to you . Oh, please, Auntie, change your clothes and come with us . We’ve got a surprise for you . ”

“A surprise?” Lu Yan looked at her niece, feeling like laughing .

“Yeah . I promise it’s a surprise . Come on! Change your clothes . ”

Little Bean went to the sofa and carried Lu Yan’s clothes to the bed, urging her to change clothes .

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