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Chapter 3400: 3400
3400 Random Matchmaking 10

“They’re spending the night at Su Yu’s home . ”

“Damn it . They are so close with Su Yu?” Lu Yan was surprised .

“Yeah . Su Yu has been with them ever since they were born . ”

“Um… Isn’t my brother-in-law jealous of him?” Lu Yan was even more surprised .

“Why should he be jealous? It’s not me who’s spending the night at Su Yu’s home . ”

“Hahaha! Sis, you’re so funny…” As Huo Mian said the words with a straight face, Lu Yan giggled uncontrollably .

She no longer looked fierce .

In Su Yu’s house .

It was midnight and everyone had gone to bed .

The twins lay on the bed and were still chatting .

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Little Bean: “Sis, weren’t we a bit out of line tonight?”

Pudding: “You mean how we treated Zeng Rou?”

Little Bean: “Yeah . After all, we don’t know her . Is it good to push her in this way?”

Pudding: “We did it for Handsome Su . In the past, we found out the true colors of those scheming bitches with only a few words . Zeng Rou’s background is obscure, and we don’t know her intention for Handsome Su by living in his home . It’s natural for us to test her character . ”

Little Bean: “Yeah . But if Mom knows about this, she’ll scold us for being so mean . ”

Pudding: “Mommy won’t know about it . An and Handsome Su won’t tell her, unless Zeng Rou tells on us to Mom . ”

Little Bean: “If she does, it means she’s not a good person . ”

Pudding: “Right . Handsome Su needs a girlfriend since he’s getting old . We’re doing it for his sake; I’m sure he won’t blame us . ”

Little Bean: “Definitely not; he loves us . I’m just afraid that Zeng Rou will turn out to be a good person, but we scared her away by doing this . ”

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Pudding: “I don’t think we’ll scare her away . She was quite determined when she moved in and won’t be scared away by two kids . ”

Little Bean: “Sis, I quite like Auntie Xixi’s elder sister . She’s nice . ”

Pudding: “I like her, too . But Handsome Su doesn’t . Auntie Xuanxuan is too gentle to manage our Handsome Su . ”

Little Bean: “You’re right . I wish Auntie didn’t have a boyfriend . I’m sure she can manage Handsome Su . ”

Pudding: “I think even if Auntie didn’t have a boyfriend, Handsome Su wouldn’t like her . ”

Little Bean: “Why?”

Pudding: “With his personality, do you think Handsome Su would want to call Mom ‘Big Sister-in-Law’ when they meet?”

Little Bean: “Oh, now that you mention it, that’s indeed a problem…”

Pudding: “So, let’s continue testing Zeng Rou . If she’s a good person and truly loves Handsome Su, she is a good match for our Handsome Su . ”

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Little Bean: “Yeah . Dad has investigated her background and said her dad is a high-level official in the provincial government . I think Grandma Su will like her . ”

Pudding: “Yeah . Mom said Handsome Su is a great guy and deserves an excellent woman . ”

Little Bean: “Right . Then we must continue playing the evil guys . Handsome Su loves us and we can take his small misunderstanding so long as he can find a good girlfriend . ”

Pudding: “Kiss-azz, these words are the warmest ones I’ve ever heard from you after being your sister for so long . ”

Little Bean: “Back off! Stop the nonsense and go to sleep . I wonder what Zeng Rou will look like when Auntie comes tomorrow; I wonder if she can pass this difficult test . ”

Pudding: “We’ll see if she’s the destined one and if she’s fortunate enough to pass the test and stay . ”

Who would think this deep conversation was between two three-year-old kids?

Little Bean and Pudding loved Su Yu deeply and had been trying silently to find Su Yu a girlfriend .

From Qin Ning in the beginning to Lu Yan now, they racked their brains to achieve the goal .

Zeng Rou wasn’t aware that the twins were testing her; she only thought the kids were simply hostile toward her .

At half-past six on the next morning, Su Yu and An led 12 luxurious cars towards South Side in a grand way .

Meanwhile, Lu Yan was sound asleep, oblivious to all of this .

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