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Chapter 3399: 3399
Chapter 3399 Random Matchmaking 9

“Huh… Sedative?” Lu Yan fell silent .

Her subordinates gave Huo Mian a thumbs-up from behind Lu Yan .

They had worked for their boss for years and never seen anyone dare to speak to Lu Yan like this .

She even hangs up on her dad when he says something she didn’t like .

Now when her sister threatened to give her a shot of sedative, Lu Yan looked subdued . Yeah, she was afraid of her elder sister .

“Sis, don’t give me a sedative . I’m not sick . ”

“Have you calmed down?” Huo Mian asked .

“Yeah . ”

“Are you still going to Russia?”

“No . ” Lu Yan shook her head repeatedly .

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“Then why are you still standing in the corridor? Go back to your room . ” Huo Mian gave her a hard look .

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

Lu Yan entered the room obediently and Huo Mian followed her .

To give the sisters some privacy to talk alone, Qin Chu lit a cigarette and sat in the corridor .

“President Qin, your wife is awesome . I admire her,” Lu Yan’s subordinates looked at Qin Chu and said with a chuckle .

“Yeah . In this world, everything has its nemesis . ” Qin Chu knew what they were trying to say .

“I thought our boss was afraid of no one in the world… But it turns out she’s afraid of her elder sister . Hahaha . ”

“Yeah . That’s good to know . In the future, whenever our boss gets mad, we’ll call her sister . ”

“You must make sure she can come in time . Talking on the phone is not effective . They must talk face to face,” Qin Chu said .

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“Then we must make sure that our boss stays with her sister . ”

Lu Yan’s subordinates began to talk about it excitedly .

– In the ward –

“Sis, don’t you think Qiao Fei is playing with fire?” Lu Yan told everything to Huo Mian, including how she and Qiao Fei began the plan, how they got into a cold war, how he refused to take her calls, and how Qiao Fei and Amy badmouthed her behind her back .

“I think you’re jealous . ” Huo Mian looked at Lu Yan with a smile .

“What? I’m jealous? Impossible . ” Lu Yan refused to admit it .

“Look at you . You’re just stubborn . It’s obvious you’re jealous . Yan, you’re very smart and must know Qiao Fei said those words just to make you angry . He knew you had a spy drone over there and said those words to Amy on purpose . ”

“He’s so damned bored and had to make me angry in this way?” Lu Yan cursed in resentment .

“Didn’t you make him angry, too?” Huo Mian chuckled .

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“I… didn’t do it on purpose . Fine, I went out to play and got harassed by those flies,” Lu Yan explained .

“No matter what the reason is, it’s just a fight between a couple . Look at you; you threaten to bomb people at the slightest provocation . Who’d dare to marry you?”

“Damn it . I don’t need him to marry me . I have so much money that I can get any man I want . If I want to have a different man each day, 365 days a year, I can afford to do it for 80 years . ”

“Look at you . You’re just saying it to vent your anger . You guys are so childish . ”

Finding out the truth, Huo Mian realized Yan could be jealous and naïve despite her aggression and arrogance .

“Sis, how can I just ignore it?”

“Of course not . Didn’t you guys make the plan to go and destroy those people together when the time is right?”

“Yeah, but I’m impatient . ”

“You’re impatient to see Qiao Fei, right?”

“Not at all; I don’t want to see him . I just… um… want to kill that traitor Amy,” Lu Yan lied .

“Humph . I don’t believe you . ”

“Oh . Sis, you guys came out in the middle of the night; how about the twins? Did my nieces come with you?”

“They’re spending the night at Su Yu’s home . ”

“What?” Lu Yan’s eyes almost popped out in astonishment .

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