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Chapter 3398: 3398
3398 Random Matchmaking 8

“Boss, it’s midnight . Where are you going?” Her subordinates looked confused .

“I’m going to Moscow . ”

“Huh? Why?”

“To kill the wonton bastard and bitch…”

Hearing she was going to Russia, her subordinates panicked; about five of them walked up and pushed her against the wall in the hospital corridor .

“Let me go . Are you rebelling against me?” Lu Yan roared .

“Boss, you must calm down . If you go there, you’ll ruin the plan you and Young Master Qiao are carrying out…”

“Damn the plan . That bastard Qiao Fei and that bitch Amy are badmouthing me behind my back… Fuck, I can’t bear it anymore…”

Seeing her agitation, one of them whispered to the others, “Hurry and get the Madam here . ”

“Boss, calm down . ”

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“I can’t damned calm down . I’ll go to Russia now and bomb them . ” Lu Yan raised her hand .

“Calm down . Boss, hastiness brings disaster…”

On the other side, thinking he had said enough, Qiao Fei yawned .

“I’m tired . I must go to bed; you do it, too . ”

“Young Master Qiao, I…” Reluctant to go, Amy seemed to have other thoughts on her mind .

“Young Master Qiao, I can… serve you in the bedroom…” she lowered her head and said vaguely .

Lu Yan heard the words clearly since the Bluetooth on her watch hadn’t been turned off .

Hearing the words through her earpiece, she knew what Amy meant even though she couldn’t see the scene .

“Fuck! They dare… Qiao Fei, damn you! If you dare to touch even her hair, I’ll cut your d*ck off…”

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Not understanding what Lu Yan was railing at, her subordinates were alarmed, thinking she had gone crazy .

“It’s not necessary . Go back to your room,” Qiao Fei refused Amy’s offer .

Glancing at the tiny drone out of the window, he smiled meaningfully and went to bed .

He felt great after paying her back for making him jealous over the past couple of days .

Lu Yan had enraged him, but he wasn’t a doormat .

Today’s drama might enrage her so much that she’d come to Russia .

He’d be happy if she came since he missed that damned girl very much .

Not able to bicker with her, he felt life was quite boring .

While Lu Yan was yelling about going to Russia, Qin Chu drove to the hospital with Huo Mian .

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“Yan, what’s happening?”

“Young Madam . ” Lu Yan’s subordinates relaxed when they saw Huo Mian .

“Sis, why are you here?” Seeing her sister, Lu Yan calmed down a bit .

“I came because of you . I was dreaming of eating hot pot when your people woke me up, saying you got mad at midnight and insisted on going to Russia,” Huo Mian walked over and said .

“Yeah . ”

“Why do you want to go to Russia?”

“To kill people . ”

“Whom do you want to kill?” Huo Mian asked .

“A wonton bastard and a b*tch . ”

“Who are they?”

“Oh, Sis, don’t ask . It’s a long story . I’ll return very soon . ”

“No, you can’t go anywhere . Your brother-in-law said you’re in danger . Have you forgotten how you got the concussion?”

Huo Mian thought the person who targeted Lu Yan must be a big figure with an unknown identity; otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to rescue Huo Siqian from Lu Yan’s hands so easily .

“Sis…” Lu Yan looked helpless .

“Don’t sis me . You can only stay in the hospital . If you don’t listen to me, I’ll have someone give you a shot of sedative . ” Huo Mian looked serious .

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