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Chapter 3397: 3397
3397 Random Matchmaking 7

“Our boss… she’s good,” caught off guard by the question, Amy stammered .

“There are only you and me here, so you can tell me the truth . She’s not here; don’t be afraid and say whatever’s on your mind . ”

Hearing his words, Amy thought she would look affected if she continued praising Lu Yan .

“In fact, our boss… I mean Lu Yan, has a bad temper,” said Amy .

“Her temper is worse than bad; it stinks . No one would like her with her temper,” said Qiao Fei .

“Yeah . Lu Yan is young but very capable, and her father is capable, too, which makes her… a bit… arrogant and disrespectful to people . ”

“Exactly . She’s so arrogant and outrageous,” Qiao Fei railed .

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“Lu Yan is good looking but not gentle in personality . No man could stand her for a long time . They are just blinded by her beauty at first glance and want to have sex with her . ”

“Yeah . I also wanted to have sex with her but didn’t get a chance,” said Qiao Fei .

“Ah? You and Lu Yan didn’t have…” Amy was astonished .

“No, we were not physically intimate . ”

“I see…” Amy was exhilarated and couldn’t suppress her smile .

“I planned to stay with her for a while and see if I could get a chance, but she refused to let me have sex with her; so I just gave up . ”

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“Young Master Qiao, you’re right . I think Lu Yan loves no one but her elder sister,” said Amy .

“You worked for Lu Yan for a long time; how much do you know about her?”

“Not much . She’s very smart and didn’t tell us many things, such as the location of her mother’s body . It’s still a mystery,” said Amy .

Qiao Fei stared at her face and thought she was lying .

“Then how did you end up working for her?” Qiao Fei was curious .

“At that time, I was a killer on a mission in Spain to kill a big drug dealer . I failed and almost got killed… Fortunately, the person who commissioned me also hired Lu Yan and her team . Usually, she wouldn’t care about a deal worth only millions of yuan, but that day she happened to be in Spain to see someone while her subordinates were somewhere else on a mission . So, she just took the mission while she was there and saved my life during the process . ”

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“It seems you owe your life to Lu Yan…” Qiao Fei’s eyes looked unreadable as he said the words .

“Yeah . It’s why I worked for her for years with my life on the line . She’s got a bad temper and always abused us with her words and fists . During the years, I did many things for her and paid her back for what I owed to her . The only thing I owe her now is making her misunderstand you . ” Amy lowered her head, pretending to be guilty .

“I don’t blame you; she and I had problems before that happened,” Qiao Fei said .

“Young Master Qiao, I heard you knew her since you were little…” Amy suddenly remembered this detail .

“Yeah . Lu Yan was not likable even when she was little,” said Qiao Fei .

Meanwhile, Lu Yan almost burst in fury as she watched the scene on the surveillance camera .

“F*ck! I’m going to Russia this very minute . ” She jumped off the bed and strode out without caring to put on shoes .

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