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Chapter 3396: 3396
3396 Random Matchmaking 6

“No . She doesn’t like it . I asked . ”

“Lu Yan is a weird girl…” Su Yu was puzzled that the girl preferred roadside stalls over fancy restaurants .

“She’s as weird as you,” An murmured to himself .

“What did you say?” Su Yu gave him a dirty look .

“Ha! I said… Lu Yan is indeed weird . ”

While Su Yu and An talked about where he should bring Lu Yan to eat, Lu Yan sneezed several times .

“Boss, are you okay? Did you catch a cold?”

Her subordinates were startled and added a blanket over her covering .

“I’m fine .

“By the way, did Psycho Qiao contact you guys?”

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“No . What’s up?” They looked confused .

“Nothing . You guys get out . ” Lu Yan waved her hand and sent them out impatiently .

She tried to contact Qiao Fei on her watch, but he didn’t answer her call .

“Damn it… You dare to refuse my call?”

Lu Yan cursed in a low voice and tried again, but he still refused to answer .

Finally, she sent a text message to him to rail at him, “Qiao Fei, you’re a psycho, a damned eunuch… You even refused to take my calls . Very good . You just wait . When I see you, I’ll skin you alive . ”

After a long while, Qiao Fei replied with only one sentence, “I don’t want to talk to a scumbag who doesn’t keep her promises . ”

“Fuck! Who doesn’t keep her promises? Who’s a scumbag? Damn it…” Lu Yan sulked .

Qiao Fei had an excellent intelligence network and knew immediately what Lu Yan had done and what people she had seen .

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Knowing she had flirted with the local scoundrels, Qiao Feil decided to give her a small punishment which was giving her the cold shoulder and not talking to her .

– In the big manor in Moscow –

Qiao Fei was summoned to the main palace by his father . He hadn’t talked with his father over tea for a long time .

“Fei, your spirits have been low after your return . ”

“I’ve always been like this . ”

“But I think something’s on your mind . ”

“Father, you’re imagining things . ”

“Is the maid you brought back loyal to you? Maybe she’s a spy planted by your side by Lu Yan . Have you checked?”

“I know what I’m doing . ”

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“Your eldest brother has not been home for years and seldom contacts me . Now only you and your second elder brother are home, but he’s very ambitious and vicious . Some elders of the family don’t like him and hope that I can make you my heir . ”

“Forget it . I don’t want to take over the family business . ” Qiao Fei lowered his head and his short silver hair glinted in the dark night; his expression was unreadable .

“But you know once your second elder brother took over, he might kill you,” Qiao Fei’s father said heavily .

“Then we’ll see who can outlive whom . ”

“Are you still thinking of that woman? Fei, Lu Yan is not a good mate for you . She’s a wild horse and is used to living in showers of bullets . You can’t manage her . ”

“You’d better turn in for the night, Father . ”

Glancing at his watch, Qiao Fei stood up with a cold expression, ending his conversation with his father .

Looking at Qiao Fei’s departing back, his father sighed slightly .

He could never guess what his son was thinking .

When Qiao Fei returned, Amy was mopping the floor . Suddenly, she held her belly with cold sweat popping out on her forehead; she looked pained .

“Young Master Qiao, you’re back . ”

“Yeah . ”

“You don’t look well…” glancing at Amy, Qiao Fei said faintly .

“Um . I’m fine . I might have eaten something bad . ” Amy didn’t know that Qiao Fei had switched her coffee with his .

“What do you think of… Lu Yan?” Qiao Fei asked suddenly .

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