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Chapter 3395: 3395
3395 Random Matchmaking 5

“Hey! Su Yu… It’s not honorable to eavesdrop . ” Zeng Rou was embarrassed .

“It’s honorable to badmouth others behind their backs though?” Su Yu raised his eyebrows .

“I’m not an honorable person…” Zeng Rou chuckled .

“Me neither . So, don’t talk to me about honor . ”

“Damn it… Su Yu, you’re a mean guy…”

Ignoring her, Su Yu glanced at An .

“I… I said nothing . ” An was afraid that his boss would take it out on him .

“You two get along well, right?” Su Yu stared at him .

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“Yeah…” An swallowed hard .

“I think you two are perfect together… You two can move into one room, so you won’t gossip about others in the living room each day . ”

An: “…”

Zeng Rou: “Fuck! Su Yu, what do you mean? You dare to slander us?”

Su Yu: “Great Miss Zeng, watch your language . I’m doing it for your own good… I think you’re perfect with An . You two will be a great couple . ”

“Don’t! Don’t mock me, President Su . Miss Zeng is way out of my league . ” An was embarrassed .

Obviously, his boss was piqued by the twins’ manipulation and took it out on him and Zeng Rou .

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He complained about Zeng Rou silently for badmouthing his boss and being caught red-handed .

“That’s easy . I’ll ask my grandpa to grant you a military rank in the military region; then I’ll give you some money to open a company or something . Then you’ll have a house, cars, money in the bank, and even a military rank; the Great Miss Zeng will be well within your league . ”

“Ahem… Boss, show mercy on me . ” An almost choked .

“Su Yu, you’re shameless . Our friendship is over . ” Zeng Rou was also enraged .

Su Yu was trying to pair them up, no matter whether they liked each other or not .

Su Yu smiled and patted An on the shoulder . “Fine . Let’s get serious . An, tell me, how shall I go and pick up Mian’s younger sister?”

“I don’t know . You promised the twins . ”

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“How many cars are there in our garage now?” Su Yu asked .

“Four . As for the others, some are being used by the staff in the company and some are loaned out… We now only have a Lamborghini, a Benz, and two Porsches . ” An calculated .

“They are not enough… I’ll call Tang Chuan and borrow a few more . ”

“You’re just picking up a woman; do you have to make a fuss about it?” Zeng Rou was a bit jealous .

Even with her identity, she wasn’t received by anyone when she first came here . However, Su Yu would borrow cars from others just to pick up Dr . Huo’s younger sister . The treatment was so different .

“I promised the twins and can’t go back on my words . I’m a man and must keep my promises . By the way, what does Lu Yan like to eat? What shall I bring her to eat?” Su Yu felt it was a huge problem .

“She likes Claypot Rice Noodles,” An blurted out .

“How do you know it?” Zeng Rou looked at An curiously .

“Oh… I was entrusted with the task of showing Lu Yan around the city… I took her to eat Claypot Rice Noodles . ”

“No, no . If I take her to eat rice noodles, Pudding and Little Bean will kill me . ” Su Yu shook his head and didn’t think it was a good idea .

“How about a fancy seafood meal? What do you think?” Su Yu knew Huo Mian liked seafood and thought Lu Yan might like it, too .

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