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Chapter 3394: 3394
3394 Random Matchmaking 4

“Fine . I agree, okay? Can you two go to bed now? It’s very late . ”

Su Yu thought it was late and not a good time to argue with the kids .

It was no big deal to invite Lu Yan to a meal; it wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it .

He’d go and pick up Lu Yan when she was released from the hospital . After all, she was Mian’s younger sister .

Seeing Su Yu give in, the twins were elated and danced up to their room on the second floor .

Su Yu got them new towels and escorted them upstairs .

An and Zeng Rou were left in the living room, feeling a bit awkward .

An glanced at Zeng Rou and noticed her discomfort .

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“Miss Zeng, the twins are very good . They love President Su very much and always act like this . They didn’t do it to make you feel bad . Don’t take it to heart . ”

“I know . ” Zeng Rou nodded .

She lay on the sofa with arms around her chest and bit on her lip, saying slowly, “Su Yu… truly loves the twins . ”

“Certainly . President Su has cared for them since they were in their mom’s belly . He’s not their biological father but loves them as if they were his own daughters . I can say he loves the kids as much as President Qin,” An said feelingly .

“Yeah . Su Yu loves them because they are Huo Mian’s children,” Zeng Rou said .

“The thing between President Su and Dr . Huo…” An began but didn’t know how to continue .

“I understand all the things about Su Yu; I’m prepared emotionally . ” Zeng Rou smiled .

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“Miss Zeng, in fact, it’s hard to win President Su’s heart . While you have been living here, I know you were trying to soften him, but love is something you can’t control…”

“I know . An, I know it all . I don’t hold high hopes . Really… I won’t force Su Yu or pressure him to like me . I’ll let our relationship develop naturally . To tell you the truth, I’d be satisfied to be only his friend if nothing else can happen between us . Su Yu is loyal to friends and is a pretty funny guy; I truly like him . ”

“Good . I’m glad you think in this way . ”

“Now let’s talk about you . I heard you even had a wedding banquet in your hometown and asked Su Yu for a leave to get married… What happened? Why do you call yourself a single dog? Where’s your wife?” Zeng Rou asked nosily .

“Oh . Don’t mention it . It’s a long story . ”

“Tell me . I love long stories . Tell me your sad story so I can have something to laugh about . ”

Zeng Rou said with a sweet smile .

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An was exasperated .

He wouldn’t believe Zeng Rou was a daughter of a high-level official if he didn’t know better .

Her father had a much higher rank than Song Yishi’s father and Yan Ruoxi’s father, but she didn’t behave like a girl from a powerful family .

She acted more like the paparazzi…

“There’s nothing to say . I just had poor judgment . She came from the countryside just like me, and I thought she was the one… But it turned out she wanted to marry someone like President Su, not a wingman like me . ” An smiled bitterly .

“It sounds sad . Did it end tragically?”

“Yeah . I was hurt, but I don’t blame her . After all, everyone is selfish and it’s her right to find someone who has power and money . I’m just a lowly bodyguard; what prospects do I have?” An smiled self-mockingly .

“I don’t think so . Bodyguards are very important . When Su Yu went out dating girls, drinking, or getting into a fistfight, you were there to clean up the aftermath, right? Otherwise, he’d have been beaten senseless by people . ” Zeng Rou tried to tease An by mocking Su Yu .

Walking down the stairs, Su Yu happened to hear it .

“I knew you’d badmouth me behind my back . You eat my food and live in my house, and you dare to mock me; want me to break your leg?” Su Yu railed at her .

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