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Chapter 3391
3391 Random Matchmaking 1

“Feel what? Damn it! Can you finish your sentence? Are you choking on something…?”

As An stopped mid-sentence, Su Yu became impatient .

“She has a mysterious air about her…”

“That’s all?” Su Yu was exasperated .

“And a… presence I can’t name . Something like a domineering aggressiveness or fierceness, but not completely…”

An felt Lu Yan was a riddle that he couldn’t find words to describe .

“I can use one word to describe what you tried to tell me,” said Su Yu .

“Which word?”

“Roguery . ”

“Pu…” An chuckled .

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“What the heck are you laughing about?”

“Hahaha… President Su, you’re a genius . ”

“Shut up . Don’t laugh . Just tell me if my word is accurate . ” Su Yu raised his head .

“You got it . But… I’m sure you won’t dare to say it to Lu Yan’s face . ”

“Humph . Why not?” Su Yu hadn’t met Lu Yan officially, but he wasn’t bluffing .

“When you get the chance, you can try . I truly want to know what will happen to you if you say that to her . ”

An felt thrilled just imagining the scene .

“Okay . Stop the nonsense… You drive Pudding and Little Bean back to their home in a little while . ”

“They aren’t spending the night here?” An was surprised .

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“No . I’m afraid Mian might be worried about them . You’d better get them back home . ”

In fact, Su Yu didn’t want them to go and the kids also wanted to stay, but he was still unsettled by the uproar that Jian Tong had caused .

Su Yu couldn’t take the consequences if the twins got in trouble in his house; he’d never be able to face Mian .

So, after careful consideration, he decided to send them home .

After the meal, An walked over with a car key .

“Let’s go . I’ll drive you home . ”

“Who said we’re going home?” Pudding raised her head .

“Yeah . Uncle An, why do you treat us in this way? Did you forget I bought ice cream for you?”

“I…” An felt wronged .

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“Stop messing with him . I told him to drive you home,” Su Yu said .

“But why? When we came, you agreed that we’d stay the night here . Mom knows it and agreed too . ” Little Bean was agitated .

“It’s too late; you’d better go home, or your dad will worry about you . ”

“Handsome Su, relax if you’re worried that my dad will be mad about this . Our Old Qin isn’t so narrow-minded . If you don’t believe me, I can call him and ask him to talk to you . If you still don’t believe it, I can contact my dad with video-chat, so you can see my dad’s minute facial expressions . ” Little Bean was so eloquent that Su Yu couldn’t find words to dispute her .

“It’s not like that . I know your dad won’t be mad . I just feel… it’s not safe for you to stay the night out of your home . ”

“It’s your house . Handsome Su, what do you mean? Do you want to kick us out just because that woman came back?” Little Bean pouted and vented her anger on Zeng Rou .

Zeng Rou almost choked on the Coke she was sipping .

“Ahem… I’m not taking the blame,” she said .

“It has nothing to do with Zeng Rou . No matter if she came back or not, you can’t spend the night here . Be good and I’ll bring you back tomorrow, okay?” Su Yu squatted down and coaxed them .

“Handsome Su, you don’t love us anymore?” It was the first time that Pudding begged Su Yu like this in front of others .

Su Yu was helpless .

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