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Chapter 3390
3390 Su Yu is the Type I Like 10

“What? Are you hitting on me?”

An almost choked when he heard Lu Yan’s blunt words .

“No . I just feel that you’re very young, like a college student . Are you studying in a university abroad?”

“No . I graduated long ago . ” Lu Yan didn’t tell him her age .

“What’s your relationship with Dr . Huo? Are you sisters by blood?”

“Why are you asking so many questions? Don’t you know curiosity killed the cat?” Lu Yan glanced at him with a smirk .

“Okay . Okay . Ignore my questions . ”

“Have you eaten? Do you want me to buy you something to eat?”

“No . I’m not hungry . ”

“Oh . Then have a good rest . I’ll come and visit you again . ”

“Don’t . I’ll be released from the hospital tomorrow . ”

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“Okay . After that, I’ll take you out and continue the tour…”

“Huh . I don’t need your company . I can manage myself . ” Lu Yan found the guy was quite persistent .

“You’re welcome . I won’t charge to protect you…” An joked and left the room .

Lu Yan rolled her eyes at his back .

“Damn it . Who’s going to protect who when we’re out?”

When he walked out, An saw Lu Yan’s subordinates were still patrolling in the corridor, looking highly alert .

They didn’t look like ordinary bodyguards…

Dressed in ordinary clothes instead of black suits, they were light on their feet, which showed that they were good fighters .

He happened to see the black gun that one guy had tucked at the small of his back .

An was thoughtful, wondering about the true identity of Dr . Huo’s sister; as she stayed in the hospital, so many guys were guarding her with heavy weapons .

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On his way back to Su Yu’s house, he followed his boss’s instructions and bought food for everyone .

Su Yu didn’t tell him what food he wanted, but since the twins were in the house, An bought their favorite food, including shrimp dumplings, steamed buns, and lobster congee .

“Uncle An, you’re my favorite person… You’re so thoughtful . ” Little Bean praised An as she ate .

An smiled but didn’t speak .

As everyone was eating, An pulled Su Yu to one side .

Zeng Rou sat across from the twins to eat the food and occasionally bickered with them .

She didn’t purposefully cozy up to them but didn’t antagonize them either . She just bickered with them occasionally .

Pudding was mild, but Little Bean disliked Zeng Rou and spoke to her rudely .

“What’s up?” Su Yu was puzzled at An’s secretive manner .

“President Su, what on earth does Dr . Huo’s sister do?”

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“I don’t know . I didn’t ask . ” Su Yu was surprised .


“What did you discover?” Su Yu knew An must have a reason to ask the question .

“I feel her identity is very special,” said An .

“How special?”

“That girl has lots of people protecting her, and they all have guns . ”

“Isn’t it normal? You’re my bodyguard and you have a gun, too . ” Su Yu thought he was being paranoid .

“No . Listen to me . I noticed their guns are not ordinary Type 54 pistols . I once saw the picture of that gun on the internet; it’s the newest AX68 produced this year by a military factory in Israel . The gun has a powerful destruction force since the bullets can cause a silent explosion after entering the body and expand the area of the wound, seriously damaging cells and tissues in the body . I don’t think an ordinary bodyguard would carry such a gun . ”

“Um… Lu Yan lives abroad and maybe the people there all use such guns,” Su Yu guessed .

“Boss, you can’t speak for her like this just because she’s Dr . Huo’s younger sister… You must be realistic . ” An chuckled in exasperation .

“I’m being realistic . How much power can a young girl hold?”

“You haven’t met her in person, right? If you do, you’ll feel she’s…” An paused .

Su Yu raised his eyebrows, waiting for him to continue .

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