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Published at 29th of July 2020 10:39:53 AM
Chapter 3392
3392 Random Matchmaking 2

“Of course not . ”

“But you were not like this before… Now you even want to kick us out…”

Pudding began to tear up .

Seeing her sister’s expression, Little Bean immediately began to act, too .

“Handsome Su, I’m surprised that you changed your heart so fast . Did you start liking some other kids? You think we are not as adorable as before now that we’ve grown up, right?”

“No . That’s not true . ” Su Yu felt he’d never be able to clear his name .

“If you truly don’t want us to spend the night here and disrupt your plans, we’ll go…” Pudding said .

“Yeah . We’ll go and won’t come back anymore,” Little Bean added with the ultimatum .

“Hey! Don’t! Your majesties… Please don’t mess with me, okay? My heart…”

Su Yu thought the twins were even scarier than Huo Mian when they were mad

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Dr . Huo just sulked, but the twins also begged for his attention while getting mad at him, and he felt hurt inside when he saw them like this .

“We’re not messing with you . We dumped our dad and mom and came to your house to keep you company by eating with you and playing games with you just because we didn’t want you to stay home alone . But what did you do? Now that your playmate is back, you are just going to kick us out?” Little Bean had a dark expression on her face .

Seeing the situation, Zeng Rou hurriedly said, “Su Yu, don’t you dare send them home . If they leave, I’ll never clear my name . ”

“Um… Fine . Little Bean, you don’t have to go . But please, don’t mess with me anymore…”

“Do you mean it?” Pudding stole a glance at Su Yu .

“Of course, I mean it . Please stay . ” Su Yu soothed the two majesties .

“Fine . But your attempt to kick us out has done great damage to our mental health, so…”

Little Bean paused and exchanged a look with her sister .

“So what?” Su Yu had a bad feeling in him .

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“So, you must make it up to us,” Little Bean said .

“Oh damn… That’s blatant blackmail… You two trapped me . ” Su Yu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry .

“How can you say that? Who tried to kick us out?” Little Bean objected .

“Fine, fine . It’s me . I dug the trap for myself, okay?” He totally surrendered .

“You started it, okay? So… you must make it up to us . ”

“President Su, do you want me to fetch the checkbook for you?” An tried to hold in his laughter .

“Back off . Don’t add oil to the fire . ”

“No checks,” Little Bean said firmly .

“How about WeChat red packets? I’ll send lots of red packets to you . ” Su Yu chuckled .

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“No . We don’t want money; we’re rich,” Pudding said .

“Yeah, we’re rich,” Little Bean said with great dignity .

“So, your majesties, what on earth do you want?” Su Yu totally regretted his decision to send them back .

None of this would have happened if he had allowed them to stay .

Now they got him and wanted to blackmail him .

“We only have a simple request,” Little Bean said .

“Yeah . One request,” Pudding repeated .

“What request?” Su Yu was impatient .

“Sis, you tell him . ”

“Why me? You’re the perfect one to say it . ” Pudding looked at Little Bean .

“No, no . I talked so much; it’s your turn . ”

As the sisters bickered, Su Yu was frantic as he waited for their answer .

“Your majesties, can you stop bickering and tell me your request? My little heart…” Su Yu put his hand over his heart and pretended to collapse on the sofa .

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