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Chapter 3389
3389 Su Yu is the Type I Like 19

“Oh… I don’t remember . I didn’t see them clearly . ”

“Did you offend someone? Why did they target you?” An tried to analyze the situation .

“Yeah . Maybe I was too arrogant, and someone tried to teach me a lesson . ”

Lu Yan knew those mysterious guys who had rescued Huo Siqian were extraordinary people .

She decided to take a break and not talk about the incident to others, not to mention an ordinary person like An .

“Is your wound serious?”

“Not serious . It’s a slight concussion and I’ll be fine after resting for a couple of days . My sister insisted that I stay here for one more day, otherwise I’d have left the hospital today . ”

“Please don’t . You must listen to Dr . Huo . She has your best interests in heart . ”

“Yeah . ” Lu Yan nodded .

“Do you want to eat an apple? Do you want me to peel one for you?” An offered .

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“No… No . I don’t want to eat it . Thank you . ”

“After you’re released from the hospital, I’ll accompany you if you want to go out and play, so I can protect you . ”

“You… protect me?” Lu Yan looked at An .

“Yeah . I know you know some kungfu, but you’re still a girl… There are many bad guys out there, and you must be careful… I’m Young Master Su’s bodyguard and once protected your sister Dr . Huo for three years . You can trust me . ”

An said it seriously, but Lu Yan almost laughed out loud .

“Oh… I trust you, absolutely . I know you’re a good fighter . You used to be a soldier in the special forces, right?”

“How did you know it?” An was surprised .

“Um… I heard it from my sister . She said Su Yu was in it, too . ”

“Yeah . President Su was the captain of our platoon . He was really a good soldier, and I thought he’d stay in the army all his life . But he later quit the army . ” An lamented .

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He still felt thrilled whenever he recalled the time when he stayed in the army with Su Yu .

“I’m fine and don’t need your protection… In fact, I can manage,” Lu Yan said .

“If I was with you, you wouldn’t have been injured . ”

“Fellow, why are you so good to me?” Lu Yan glanced at An and asked .

“I… President Su told me to protect you since you’re Dr . Huo’s sister and he’s Dr . Huo’s very, very good friend . ”

“This reasoning is lame . ”

An: “…”

“Thank you for your kindness . But I truly don’t need your protection . Your job is protecting Su Yu . ” Lu Yan smiled at him and then went back to the game .

When she smiled, she looked like a child with a dimple on her face .

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An knew this girl was extraordinary and out of his league .

Seeing how she spent money, he knew she was loaded .

Living abroad all the time, she was way out of the reach of a small bodyguard .

But still, An couldn’t resist her charms .

He found the girl’s fighting skills, personality, and talking style to be very unique .

Su Yu had wanted to match him with Zeng Rou, but he knew Zeng Rou was out of his league as the daughter of Secretary Zeng in the provincial government . Besides, Zeng Rou was like a buddy to him and he felt nothing about her .

But this girl was different; he’d always think of her when she wasn’t with him .

“Your name is… Lu Yan?” He had heard her name from Huo Mian on their way to the ward .

“Oh . Yeah,” Lu Yan answered indifferently .

“It’s a good name,” An said .

“Oh, really? I used to complain to my dad about it . I’m sure he gave me the name ‘Yan’ because he loved smoking . ” (Note: “Yan” in Chinese means “smoke” . )

“Haha! You’re funny . ” Hearing her words, An laughed .

“I’m serious… I wasn’t joking,” Lu Yan said with a straight face .

“Lu Yan, how… old are you?” An mustered his courage and asked .

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