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Chapter 3385: 3385
3385 Su Yu is the Type I Like 15

“Don’t say ‘Ahh?’ Do you really think I’m a gullible old lady?”

Mrs . Zeng looked at her willful daughter in a huff .

“I just didn’t know that you’ve seen Auntie Su…”

“What did you expect? Would you tell me the truth otherwise?”

Zeng Rou: “…”

“Rou, you’re not a little girl and I never intrude on your business, even when you had a boyfriend in university without telling us . ”

“Yes . ” Zeng Rou lowered her head, feeling guilty .

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“Now you’ve reached the age to marry . With your looks, educational background, and family status, you have lots of choices . You don’t have to make yourself into a housemaid . ”

“I didn’t . While I lived in Su Yu’s home, I cooked for myself . It’s ridiculous to call me a housemaid . ”

“Then tell me why you went to Singapore?” Mrs . Zeng looked solemn .

“Because I… wanted to tour Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand . Due to the limit of time, I didn’t go to Thailand and Malaysia . ”

“You’re still trying to lie to me? Come… read it yourself . ”

Mrs . Zeng took out her cellphone and showed some screenshots to Zeng Rou .

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Glancing at them, Zeng Rou was stupefied when she saw those screenshots were comments trashing her on Weibo when the thing about Su Yu and Nie Lingxuan happened .

“Did Su Yu tell you to go to Singapore?”

“No, no . I decided to go myself… I just felt I needed to get out of the city and lay low for a while…”

“Why didn’t you go home? You’re the daughter of Secretary Zeng . Who would dare to bully you?” Mrs . Zeng was angry .

She just didn’t understand it . Her daughter wasn’t an aggressive person, but not a doormat either; how come she became so meek?

“No . I didn’t want to make you and Dad worry about me . Besides… Those guys don’t know my family background and think I’m just an internet celebrity who is trying to gain more attention . I didn’t want to explain it to them . Since my bestie in Singapore invited me to see her, I went there to have fun . It truly has nothing to do with Su Yu . Please don’t blame him, Mom . ”

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“What potion did that fellow Su Yu feed you? He treated you so badly and you’re still defending him?”

“Mom… Su Yu’s a great guy . You’ve never seen him and don’t know his personality . In fact, to know a person, you can’t just listen to rumors; you have to use your eyes and heart . I’m not a genius, but I’m not stupid either . I know what kind of guy Su Yu is . He’s a good man, really . Mom, after I broke up with my previous boyfriend, I had felt dead inside and thought all the men were scumbags . Now I finally know what kind of guy I like . I just like a guy like Su Yu . ”

“You… Girl, you should feel ashamed of yourself…” Mrs . Zeng was a very traditional woman .

After all, she was the wife of a high-level politician; she felt incredulous, hearing these words from her daughter .

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about . Su Yu is single, so am I… That’s very normal for me to like him . ”

“What’s your plan?”

“I don’t have a plan . I just like living here . When I went to Singapore, he even gave me some money, but I didn’t accept it; I only took one red packet from him . He’s a very interesting guy, as pure as a child . ” Mentioning Su Yu, Zeng Rou smiled and was full of praises of him .

Seeing her daughter’s determination, Mrs . Zeng thought for a moment and said, “If you truly like him, your dad and I will talk to Su Yu’s parents and settle the marriage between you and Su Yu . ”

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