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Chapter 3384: 3384
3384 Su Yu is the Type I Like 14

“Huh? For you?” An was stupefied .

She sounded like she knew these black-clothed guys .

So, he helped Zeng Rou into a black Audi A8L instead of the car Su Yu had sent for them .

Soon, the car stopped slowly at the gate of a five-star hotel .

“Miss, the madame said you must enter alone . ” The bodyguard stopped An .

“Okay . ”

Zeng Rou nodded . Looking back at An, she said in a low voice, “An, don’t worry . They are my mom’s bodyguards . ”

“Um… Your mother is here?” An understood suddenly .

“Yeah . She probably has something to say since she’s here . I’ll go in and talk to her . ”

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“Okay . Call me if you need me . ”

Hearing that Zeng Rou would go in and see her mother, An relaxed and stayed outside .

A bodyguard pushed her wheelchair into the penthouse suite in the hotel .

Zeng Rou saw her mother, a noble-looking woman in her forties; she was dressed elegantly, and her deportment showed that she was obviously not an ordinary person .

“Mom…” Zeng Rou put on a smile when she saw her mother .

The bodyguard left the room, so the mother and daughter could talk privately .

“Look at you…” Hearing that her daughter was in a car accident, Mrs . Zeng was sick with worry .

She was about to fly to Singapore when she got the news that her daughter had returned to China .

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Getting the news, Mrs . Zeng brought people to C City without delay .

With her special identity, she seldom traveled, and her meeting with her daughter was a secret .

“Mom, I’m fine . I was hit by a car while I was touring with a friend,” Zeng Rou said airily .

Mrs . Zeng hurt inside seeing her daughter in this state .

Sitting down beside her, she reached out and placed her hand on Zeng Rou’s .

“Rou, it’s been a long while since you came here, right?”

“Um… not too long…”

“How is your relationship with Su Yu?”

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“Very good . ”

“Really? But I heard that Su Yu wasn’t good to you…” Mrs . Zeng looked displeased .

“Don’t believe the rumors . Su Yu is very good to me… Hearing that I was in an accident, he sent his bodyguard to bring me back,” Zeng Rou explained .

“Sent his bodyguard? Why didn’t he go in person?” Mrs . Zeng asked .

“Um… Because he’s busy in the company… He’s a young and talented businessman, not a good-for-nothing 2G rich guy,” Zeng Rou defended Su Yu .

“Don’t lie to me . I know the truth . ”


“Stop . I came because I was worried about your wound; the other reason is that I want to bring you home . ”

“Mom, I don’t want to go . ”

“Rou, Su Yu is good, but we don’t have to beg for his attention . The Su Family is a big and reputable family, but don’t forget your identity . We don’t need you to gain benefits for us by marrying a big figure… Come back to the provincial capital with me . Your father and I hope you can marry someone who truly loves you and cherishes you even if he’s from an ordinary family . You’re our only daughter, and we can’t bear to see you suffer . ”

“Mom, what are you talking about? I didn’t suffer; Su Yu is truly good to me . ”

“Don’t lie to me . I met Su Yu’s mother and she told me everything . ”

“Huh?” Zeng Rou panicked .

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