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Chapter 3386: 3386
3386 Su Yu is the Type I Like 16

“Oh, no, no, no! Please don’t…” Zeng Rou shook her head repeatedly .

“Don’t you like that fellow? Then we’ll talk with his parents about your marriage . ”

“But… Su Yu hasn’t agreed to marry me yet . You can’t do it . ”

“I don’t care what he thinks . My daughter is living in his house like a housemaid serving his daily needs . What else does he want?”

“I do those things willingly . Mom, can’t you stay out of it?”

“I’m doing it for you . I’m trying to help you since you like him so much . I think… although our family isn’t as wealthy as the Su Family, they won’t reject you . I’ll talk to Su Yu’s aunt later . ”

“Mom, you can’t force it . It’s still early and you must be patient, okay? I’m not a bandit and can’t take him by force . ”

“I don’t care if he’s willing or not . So long as my daughter likes him, I’ll make him marry you . ”

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“Ha! Mrs . Zeng, can you stop being so willful? Remember you’re the wife of a government official . ”

“Rou… Please don’t make your dad and I worry, okay?”

“You don’t need to worry . Since I came here, I’ve been quite good… Su Yu has a bodyguard living in the house… You have no reason to worry about me . ”

Mrs . Zeng: “…”

“Okay . Mom, to be serious, I want to handle the thing between Su Yu and me in my own way… I like him, so I’ll pursue him; if he rejects me, I’ll soften him slowly . It’s between the two of us . If I still can’t make him love me, I at least can be his friend instead of his enemy . Su Yu’s a great guy; he’s good to his parents and employees, loyal to his friends, and pours his heart out to people he loves . I just like this type of guy; he’s a manly man . ”

It was the second time that Zeng Rou sang high praise of Su Yu in front of her mother .

Hearing her words, Mrs . Zeng became resigned .

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“You’re as stubborn as your father . Since you insist, I’ll stay out of your relationship with him . But, remember, don’t get bullied by people . You’re our only child and we don’t want you to be mistreated by anyone . ”

“How can it be? You know your daughter is a… little devil . Haha! Even Su Yu listens to me . Really . ”

To make her mother feel better, Zeng Rou kept saying how good it was between her and Su Yu .

In fact, after their initial conflicts, she and Su Yu were now on friendly terms .

Su Yu didn’t love her yet but didn’t dislike her, either .

Zeng Rou felt any man could be softened . So long as she infiltrated his daily life, maybe one day Su Yu would be softened by her .

“How’s your leg? I’ll ask a doctor in the provincial capital to come and check it for you, okay?”

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Seeing her daughter wouldn’t go home, Mrs . Zeng squatted down to examine her daughter’s injured leg and said worriedly .

“No, no . The hospitals in the city are quite good . I know there’s an excellent doctor at South Side Recuperation Center and I’ll go see her . ”

“Really? Do you want me to go with you?”

“No, no . I still want to live in Su Yu’s home . I’ll ask Su Yu to go with me to see the doctor since he’s friends with the doctor . ”

“Fine . I won’t say more about it then . Tomorrow I’ll go with your dad to attend a meeting in Jing City . ”

“Okay . You guys take care of yourselves . I’ll go back and see you often . ”

“We can’t keep you with us now that you’re grown…” Sighing, Mrs . Zeng walked her daughter out of the hotel and left .

An drove Zeng Rou back to Su Yu’s house .

“I’m back…” Before she could finish, she froze when she saw not Su Yu but two identical girls sitting in the living room and playing cellphones .

“Woman, you come back to harass our Handsome Su again?” Little Bean glanced at her and said rudely .

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