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Chapter 3383: 3383
3383 Su Yu is the Type I Like 13

After arriving at the city, Lu Yan had cautioned herself to lay low and restrain herself from killing people .

One reason was that she didn’t want to kill her countrymen; the second was that she didn’t want to make trouble for her sister’s friend, the chief of the municipal public security bureau .

She had been restraining herself . For example, she had taken only 10 million yuan from that stuttering rich guy a few days ago; today, she was even kinder and only made him pay 60,000 yuan to give others a free meal .

But the guy dared to come back…

The brawny guys ran toward Lu Yan, thinking it was a piece of cake to catch this defenseless young girl wearing a hospital gown .

However, before they could get close, they were all knocked down…

“F*ck! What’s happening?” The leader Tao Kun was stupefied .

“I’m not in a good mood today . Get out of here . I don’t want to kill you,” putting away her sweet smile, Lu Yan said in a hard voice .

“Don’t bluff… Kill us? If you dare…” Before he could finish, Lu Yan threw out a flying knife and pierced his heart, killing him instantly…

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“Big brother… Big brother…”

His men scrambled to him and were shocked when they saw their leader had been pierced through the heart .

Yeah . Their big brother had been killed by a defenseless young girl in one instant .

“You killed him… You’ll die for this,” one of the men looked back at Lu Yan and said viciously .

“Hehe…” Lu Yan sneered .

“What are you waiting for? Call the police and ambulance! Come on…”

Lu Yan hadn’t expected that these guys were so lame that instead of fighting her, they wanted to call the police .

She wouldn’t give them the chance to do that .

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Leaping over, she drew out the dagger from the man’s heart and cut off the tendons in their hands and legs .

“Scumbags, you deserve to die… But I’ve been trying to restrain myself lately and won’t kill the minions . But if you dare to say things you’re not supposed to say, I’ll kill you and even your family . ”

That said, Lu Yan stood up and took out a white tissue from a pocket of the hospital gown to gently wipe the blood from the dagger .

The guys lay on the ground in excruciating pain .

They had only read about such a scene happening in novels .

A young girl killed one and injured three in such a short time? Even the police wouldn’t believe this story .

After Lu Yan vanished in the dark night, they began to realize that this woman must be a professional killer; otherwise, she wouldn’t have killed people so deftly and neatly .

But when did a place like C City get such a professional killer?

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Later, some passersby sent them to the hospital and alerted the police .

One police branch under Gao Ran took the case . But when the police asked the victims about the killer, none of them dared to speak since they were afraid the woman would come back to kill them if they did .

So, the death of Tao Kun became a mystery .

In the past, Lu Yan would kill people each day as if it was her day job, so she didn’t feel any guilt after killing people .

Returning to the hospital, she slept soundly . On the next day, she wanted to get discharged from the hospital, but Huo Mian was worried and insisted she stay one more day .

Meanwhile, An had brought Zeng Rou back from Singapore .

When he pushed her wheelchair down the plane, four black-clothed men blocked their way .

“Who are you?” With a frown, An looked at the guys warily, ready to fight .

“They are here for me,” Zeng Rou said calmly .

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