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Chapter 3382: 3382
3382 Su Yu is the Type I Like 12

At this moment, the shop owner walked over . “Mister, the total bill is 61,000 yuan . I’ll give you a discount and only charge 60,000 yuan . ”

“60,000 yuan? What did they eat? That’s damned expensive . ” The man was cranky .

“They all had crayfish and my entire stock has run out . If you don’t believe me, you can check the receipts . ” The shop owner looked helpless .

“Okay . Okay . I don’t want to see the receipts . ”

The man called out to his subordinates sitting at the next table .

“Wei, give me the bag . ”

“Here you are, Big Brother . ”

The man opened the bag and took out six bundles of cash .

“Here . ”

“Thank you, Sir . ” The shop owner left with the money cheerfully .

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“Big brother, this is… the money we collected for others… It’s not our money . Can we spend it?” the guy named Wei whispered into Tao Kun’s ear .

“It’s fine . We’ll talk about it later . ”

The man had decided that he must not lose face in front of so many people . To avoid becoming a laughingstock, he spent the money that wasn’t his .

From their conversation, Lu Yan learned that they were villains who made a living by collecting debts .

The money lending companies hired these scoundrels to collect debts with all kinds of methods, including beating the debtors . They were mostly good-for-nothing scumbags who liked to bully others .

“Beauty, what’s the illness you just mentioned? I’ll check it for you . ” The man returned to their previous topic .

“HIV positive,” Lu Yan repeated in a low voice .

The man immediately took out his cellphone and searched the words .

When the results appeared, he was startled .

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It said people that were HIV positive were carriers of the AIDS virus .

“You, you, you…” The man looked at Lu Yan as if she was a ghost .

“What’s wrong, Big Brother?” Lu Yan played dumb .

“Did the doctor in the hospital really tell you that you are HIV positive?”

“Yeah . He said something about the dormant period of the virus… I don’t understand what he meant,” Lu Yan continued with the lie .

“Fuck… This is AIDS… My goodness…”

The man was immediately scared into fleeing…

Lu Yan smiled faintly and wondered why there were so many morons in the world .

With a full stomach, she got up to leave .

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The wife of the BBQ stall owner walked over and took her hand, whispering, “Miss, they are not good people . Stay away from them . ”

“Um… I know . ”

“Then why did you talk to them? Tao Kun is a big bully in this area and always picks on the meek ones . You made him spend so much money at our stall, and I’m afraid he’d get back at you . ”

Obviously, the shop owner’s wife was kind and tried to warn Lu Yan while Tao Kun was gone .

“Thank you . I’ll be careful . ”

With a smile, Lu Yan left .

After walking for over ten minutes, she was stopped by a group of people on a remote street .

“You guys again… What a coincidence,” Lu Yan said with a smirk .

“Little bitch . You dared to lie to me… I called the hospital and they said there are no AIDS patients in the hospital . Do you think you can run from me after tricking so much money from me? If you don’t go with me tonight, I’ll make you suffer . ”

“It seems you’re not a complete moron . ” Lu Yan had a toothpick dangling between her lips and her eyes turned into crescents when she grinned .

“Shut up . You must come with me and pay the debt with your body . I’ll let you go when I’m tired of you . ” The man ordered his men, “Go and tie her up; put her into my car . ”

“Well… So, you are tired of living…” Lu Yan sighed lightly .

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