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Chapter 3380
Chapter 3380 Su Yu is the Type I Like 10

Hearing her words, the middle-aged women immediately barged in and yelled that they wanted to pack food home, looking like a group of robbers .

Big Brother Kun felt his head begin to hurt…

“Big Brother Kun, you’re not pleased?”

“No…no . ”

“Do you have enough cash? If not, you can use bank cards…”

“I do,” the man said through gritted teeth .

Then he returned his attention to the extremely beautiful young girl .

“Beauty, how old are you?”

“19,” Lu Yan said shamelessly .

“Ah… So young . No wonder you look as fresh as a flower . ” The man swallowed .

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Lu Yan smiled but didn’t speak .

“What do you do?”

“I’m… a student at an art college,” Lu Yan continued to lie .

“Haha! Good! I like students from art colleges . You all have gorgeous figures and beautiful faces… You’re good in every aspect . ”

The man grinned at Lu Yan lewdly .

“Big Brother Kun, take a seat . ” Lu Yan had slipped out of the hospital to relieve her boredom by eating some beef skewers and beer . Seeing this moron, she knew she wouldn’t feel bored tonight .

So, she talked to the man warmly and made him promise to pay tens of thousands of yuan for every customer in the stall .

The owner of the BBQ stall was grateful to Lu Yan and brought a bowl of crayfish to her in person .

“Miss, thanks to you, I have booming business tonight . This bowl of crayfish is on the house,” the shop owner said with a sincere smile .

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Taking the bowl of crayfish, Lu Yan said, “How can I take it for free? Our Big Brother Kun is very rich . Put it on the bill . ”

“Um…” The shop owner was stupefied .

The guy called Big Brother Kun felt like crying .

Shelling a crayfish and taking a bite, Lu Yan stood up again .

Seeing that she stood up again, Big Brother Kun felt his heart tremble in fear…

Sure enough, Lu Yan called out, “Sir, your crayfish is delicious . Bring several bowls to each table . ”

“I’m afraid I don’t have so many crayfish . ” The shop owner looked a bit embarrassed .

He hadn’t expected that his business today would be so good .

“It doesn’t matter . Just bring them as many crayfish as you can and other good and expensive delicacies . Our Big Brother Kun is rich,” said Lu Yan .

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Now, the man couldn’t bear it anymore and stopped Lu Yan . “Beauty, we must keep low-keyed . I’m rich, but I don’t want people to know it . ”

“No . You’re such a good person and a rich guy; you must let people know about you . ”

Lu Yan gestured at the young couple sitting at the table next to hers .

“You record a video of Big Brother Kun and post it on Weibo, so everyone will know the good deed he has done tonight . He’s such a good guy . ”

“Yeah . He’s a good guy,” the customers around them praised him .

Obediently, the young couple took out their cellphones and began shooting .

The man couldn’t back out of the deal now .

He began to realize that the woman had trapped him .

“Beauty, look, I just wanted to pay your bill . But you made me pay for everyone… What is your intention really?” He looked at Lu Yan resentfully .

“Big Bro, you wanted to celebrate with everyone for becoming friends with me, right? What? You don’t want to pay? If so, just tell me . I’ll pay,” Lu Yan said loudly so everyone around them could hear her .

“I didn’t say I won’t pay . I just feel…” The man was confused; he felt something was wrong but couldn’t name it .

“Boss, bring the bills . Big Brother Kun said he’ll pay the bills now . The new customers won’t get paid . So he’s ready to pay now . ” Afraid the guy would go back on his words when he realized how huge the bills were, Lu Yan wanted him to pay now .

“Okay…” The shop owner and his wife each took out a calculator and began doing the sums .

“I…” The guy called Big Brother Kun wanted to deny it but couldn’t get the words out because hundreds of pairs of eyes were looking at him .

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