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Published at 29th of July 2020 10:39:57 AM
Chapter 3381
3381 Su Yu is the Type I Like 11

Tao Kun was frustrated but couldn’t get one word out .

He only hoped that he could get the girl .

She looked beautiful and pure and he was willing to pay tens of thousands of yuan if he could sleep with her .

At this thought, the guy felt better .


“Huh?” Lu Yan answered cheerfully while eating crayfish .

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No . ”

The guy was pleased and asked again, “Have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“No . I came from a mountainous area in the countryside… I came to the city to study at the college . I don’t dare to have a boyfriend . My dad told me to concentrate on my studies . ”

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“Haha . You’re a good girl . What other family members do you have?”

“I have a sister, but she’s married,” Lu Yan said calmly .

“Nice… Beauty, you can stay with me… Your family is poor, but I can give you money . You continue your education in college, and I’ll pay for everything for you, giving you pocket money and buying you pretty clothes . What do you think?”

“Aw… You’re so nice…” Lu Yan widened her eyes .

He glanced at the strange-looking watch on Lu Yan’s wrist; it looked complicated like a toy .

Glancing at it disdainfully, he pointed at his own watch .

“Beauty, the people in the city no longer wear toy watches . It’s too naïve and cheap-looking…”

Lu Yan almost laughed; this moron was the first person to say her watch was cheap .

The watch she was wearing came from the most famous military factory in the world and was a special communication watch used in wars . Lu Yan bought two such watches for about 10 million yuan for herself and her dad . Improved by her dad personally, the two watches were one of a kind in the whole world . Someone offered 100 million yuan to buy it and was rejected by her . Hearing the man say the watch was a toy, Lu Yan almost burst into laughter .

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“Look at my watch… It’s Rolex, the most famous brand in Switzerland…”

“Oh . It looks expensive,” Lu Yan said while eating skewers .

“Of course . I bought it in Hong Kong last year; it cost me over 100,000 yuan,” the man boasted .

“Wow… You’re so rich . Your watch costs over 100,000 yuan…” Lu Yan opened her mouth to show her amazement .

“So, don’t doubt my abilities . I’m very rich and have no problem supporting college students like you . What do you think?”

“It sounds good… But… my dad will kill me if he knows about this . ” Lu Yan put on a worried face .

“It’s fine . We won’t let your dad know about it . Anyway, your family is poor… I’ll give your dad some money and he will be satisfied . ”

“Will you pay for my treatment in the hospital?” Lu Yan had been eating while she talked and now was almost full .

Wiping her hands clean, she asked the man earnestly .

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“The hospital?” The guy realized that the girl was truly wearing a hospital gown, not an outfit to lure men .

“You… are sick?” he asked .

“Yeah . Don’t you see I’m wearing a hospital gown?”

“Which hospital?”

“South Side… My classmates sent me to the hospital when they saw I wasn’t feeling well . I heard the hospital is very expensive; I was worried about the medical fees . If you can pay them for me, I’ll be your girlfriend . ”

“Really? No problem . Tell me how much you owe the hospital, and I’ll pay it for you . ” The guy was elated that Lu Yan agreed to be his girlfriend .

“I don’t know yet . The doctor said he needs more time to study the case . ”

“What’s wrong with you?” the guy asked casually .

“Something about HIV positive and virus carrier…” Lu Yan said vaguely on purpose .

“What’s that? Positive? Virus?” The guy looked confused .

“Bro, city people like you always find information on cellphones, right? You can search it on Baidu,” Lu Yan said .

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