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Published at 23rd of July 2020 03:30:06 AM
Chapter 3379: 3379
Chapter 3379 Su Yu is the Type I Like 9

“Beauty, you look great when you smile . I like you…”

“Big Brother Kun, right?” Lu Yan smiled .

“Yeah . ” The man nodded with a grin .

“Do you want to be my friend?”

“Yeah . What do you think?”

“That’s all you can offer? Don’t you want to show your sincerity? I heard the guys in the north are very generous,” Lu Yan supported her chin with one palm and asked .

“Haha . No problem . Eat your fill and I’ll pay your bill . ”

The guy thought the woman would at most cost him hundreds of yuan at this small BBQ stall .

“Really? Will you do that for me?” Lu Yan asked with an innocent face .

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“Of course . I always keep my promises…” The guy patted his chest, wanting to look good in front of the girl .

“If you’re so nice today, Brother Kun, why don’t you pay the bills for all the customers here?”

“Huh?” The guy froze .

“Just to show your happiness . Don’t you think you should celebrate the big event where we became friends?”

“Yeah… You’re right . ” The man nodded .

“So it’s not a big deal to buy a meal for everyone around us, right? After all, Big Brother Kun, you look very rich . I’m sure you won’t mind spending a little of it, right?”

“Of course not . ” The guy shook his head .

Then, Lu Yan stood up and yelled, “Friends, uncles, aunts, sisters, and brothers! Listen up! This is Big Brother Kun . He’s happy today and wants to pay your bills . So, please eat your fill and he’ll pay for everything . ”

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Hearing her words, people applauded immediately…

“Thank you, Big Brother Kun . ”

“Thank you for your kindness . ”

Everyone heard Lu Yan’s words .

The guy called Big Brother Kun, the expression on his face immediately became pretty interesting . He wanted to deny it but didn’t want to lose face, so he forced out a smile .

“What’s wrong with our Big Brother today? He just went over to meet the girl; why does he want to pay everyone’s bill?” His subordinates were puzzled .

“Maybe he’s happy and wants to celebrate,” another guy guessed .

“I don’t think so . He’s not even that generous with us . It’s not like him . ”

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“Who knows? But he declared it himself . It’s not our business . ”

“My goodness . It would cost a fortune to pay everyone’s bills, right?”

His subordinates were surprised and also worried .

There were dozens of tables before the stall . If one table spent 500 yuan, then the total would be tens of thousands of yuan .

Besides, wasn’t it stupid to pay the bills for strangers?

In fact, Big Brother Kun didn’t want to do it, but he had to continue on with the act to win the young girl’s good opinion .

Still unsatisfied, Lu Yan yelled at the passersby, “People, good news! Come and eat the BBQ . Big Brother Kun will pay all the bills! He’s happy today . Enjoy yourselves . ”

Hearing her yell, the people who were strolling on the street all came to the stall, asking, “Miss, can we take the food home?”

“Hey! You…” The man called Big Brother Kun was about to stop them when Lu Yan answered with a smile, “Of course . Our Big Brother Kun is happy and will pay the bills as a good deed . Take whatever you want . ”

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