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Chapter 3377: 3377
Chapter 3377 Su Yu is the Type I Like 7

Seeing Lu Yan had a call coming, Qin Chu turned and left the ward .

Looking at the unfamiliar number blinking on the screen of her watch, Lu Yan knew who the caller was .

After a moment of hesitation, she answered it .

“Hello?” Lu Yan said with faked calmness .

“Woman, you didn’t keep your promise…”

“Hey! What promise didn’t I keep? Psycho Qiao, explain yourself . ” Lu Yan was piqued .

“You promised me nothing would happen to you . ”

“Right . Nothing happened to me . ”

“Then why did you jump into a river to dodge a missile? Drill practice?” Qiao Fei asked in a huff .

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“Um… It was just an accident . ” Lu Yan felt guilty .

“Don’t make excuses . I won’t trust you anymore…”

“So what do you want?” Lu Yan rolled her eyes .

“The plan is ended . I’ll leave Russia and see you in a moment . ”

“Don’t… We can’t stop it in the middle of it…” Lu Yan immediately objected .

“We agreed to do as you planned, but you drank with a stranger in China; I can let that pass . But how could you engage in a heavy shootout and almost get killed by a missile?”

“But I’m fine, right? Ha! I’m hard to kill . ” Lu Yan tried to brush it off .

“You call it okay while you’re hospitalized with a concussion?” Qiao Fei asked .

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“Um…” Lu Yan was surprised Qiao Fei knew about her condition even though she didn’t have a video chat with him .

Despite his silence, Qiao Fei had excellent subordinates who were quite good at gathering information .

The moment Lu Yan was hospitalized, Qiao Fei got the news… No wonder he was enraged .

“Qiao Fei… I’m truly fine . Don’t worry,” Lu Yan said in a gentle voice to appease him .

“Save your breath,” Qiao Fei said coldly .

What he meant was that it was impossible for him to stop worrying about her .

“Those guys have unidentified backgrounds and caught me off guard… If I was given a second chance, I’d take them all out with an AK47…”

“You’re in the hospital, so stop boasting, okay?” Qiao Fei said with a dark expression .

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“Hahaha! Thank you for the compliment, Mr . Qiao . ”

“Stop the nonsense… Get serious . ”

“By the way, how are things going with you? After you returned, did Qiao Nan do anything?” Lu Yan changed the subject .

“Of course . He used Amy . ”

“Oh? What did he do?”

“He had Amy put poison in my coffee…”

“Then?” Lu Yan was curious about how Qiao Fei handled the issue .

“I switched the coffee . Amy took the poisoned coffee . But nothing happened yet, so I guess it’s chronic poisoning . ”

“Smart,” Lu Yan flattered him .

“Shut up… Now tell me how I should deal with you now that you broke your promise?”

“What promise did I break?” Lu Yan asked .

“You promised me that you wouldn’t get yourself hurt . But now you’re hospitalized . Lu Yan, how can I trust you after this?”

In distant Moscow, Qiao Fei was worried sick when he heard Lu Yan was wounded .

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