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Published at 23rd of July 2020 03:25:08 AM
Chapter 3376: 3376
Chapter 3376 Su Yu is the Type I Like 6

“Boss, do you want some water?”

“No . ”

“Boss, are you hungry?”

“No . ”

“Boss, do you want to use the toilet?”

“Get out . ”

Lu Yan glared at him and everyone in the room fell silent .

“What’s wrong with you guys? Do you think I’m so fragile? It’s just a small wound . I turn out okay every time that I reach the verge of death . Don’t look so tense . ”

“We’re worried about you . ” Her subordinates looked mopey .

“Save it . I won’t die…”

“Boss, shall we tell Qiao Fei?” someone asked worriedly .

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“I’ll kill anyone who dares to tell Qiao Fei,” Lu Yan said viciously .


“It’s my business; stay out of it…”

At this moment, Qin Chu knocked on the door and walked in .

“President Qin…”

Lu Yan’s subordinates greeted him .

“Can you guys give us a few minutes? I want to talk to your boss in private . ”

“Okay . ”

After they left the room, Qin Chu came over and glanced at Lu Yan .

“Are you okay now?”

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“I’m fine . It’s just a concussion . I was the target of the missile and got hit by the explosion even in the river,” Lu Yan said airily .

“Okay . Your sister got a fright and couldn’t sleep . She came to the hospital with you and had just returned home . ”

“Tell her not to worry . I’m as resilient and hard to kill as a cockroach . I’m used to this stuff… even my old man isn’t worried about me . ”

“Did you fight with those guys?”

“Yeah . ” Lu Yan nodded .

“They were very good?”

“Very good . They caught me by surprise with their swift movements . Fortunately, I reacted quickly, or I’d be a corpse by now . ”

She was still a bit fearful of the memory .

“Do you know who they are?”

“Not a clue . They were armed to the teeth . ”

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“Did you notice any clues about their identities? Such as tattoos or symbols?” Qin Chu asked .

“Nothing . I was too far from them to see clearly . Besides, I didn’t have time to observe while dodging their heavy gunfire . ”

“Whom do you think they are? Any guesses?” Qin Chu wondered if the people had targeted Lu Yan and him or had just come to rescue Huo Siqian .

“Not a clue . But I’m sure they are not sent by Ian or Nalo… or Qiao Nan . Qiao Fei is now in Moscow; if it was Qiao Nan, Qiao Fei would have alerted me of his operations . ”

“I don’t think Qiao Nan has the ability to do that,” said Qin Chu .

“Damn it . This is the first failure in my life . I should have shot that bastard, so he couldn’t have been rescued . ”

Lu Yan blamed herself .

“Don’t be too hard on yourself . It wasn’t an accident that those people appeared at that moment . I think… someone’s been spying on you guys . ”

“Impossible . My anti-spying measures are the best . Who dares to spy on me?” Lu Yan ruled out the possibility immediately .

Qin Chu didn’t continue the topic but thought the whole thing was quite weird .

The people who had intervened were definitely not ordinary people .

“It’s no big deal that he got out . Anyway, he wouldn’t be Huo Siqian if we could kill him so easily . I want to see what he’s capable of after this,” Qin Chu comforted Lu Yan, not wanting her to feel guilty .

“Big Brother-in-law, it was the first time I tried to help you, but I failed…”

“Don’t be silly . We’re family . The most important thing is that you’re not hurt, or your sister would kill me . ”

Lu Yan was about to reply when her watch beeped…

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