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Chapter 3378: 3378
Chapter 3378 Su Yu is the Type I Like 8

“But you broke the promise, too, by calling me, right?” Lu Yan retorted .

Qiao Fei: “…”

“Did you forget that we agreed that you can’t contact me to make our break-up look real? Previously you just sent a message to my subordinates, but now you called me directly . If they find out, all our efforts would have been in vain . ”

“So?” Qiao Fei asked .

“So you broke one promise and I did, too . We’re even . ” Lu Yan smirked .

“Lu Yan, can you be any more shameless?”

“I can . If you want, I can show you how much more shameless I can get . ” Sitting in bed, Lu Yan talked to her watch with a grin .

Qiao Fei felt helpless .

“Just wait and see . ”

Qiao Fei ended the call, obviously enraged .

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“Haha! Psycho Qiao must have the urge to chop me into pieces at this moment… Lalala…” Lu Yan hummed happily .

On the other side, Qiao Fei had an icy-cold expression on his face .

“Young Master Qiao, I made some cakes . Eat some, please . I notice you slept quite late . ”

Amy came in carrying exquisite-looking cakes .

“No,” Qiao Fei refused coldly .

Amy froze . She had thought she’d have a better chance to win Qiao Fei’s heart after returning to Moscow with him .

But to the contrary, she found Qiao Fei became even colder with her .

She had thought Qiao Fei hadn’t liked her because of Lu Yan, but now with Lu Yan out of the picture, he was still cold to her . It wasn’t a good sign .

“Young Master Qiao, you’re not in a good mood today…”

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Qiao Fei didn’t speak .

“Did I do something wrong? If so, please tell me and I’ll correct it . I want to take good care of you… I’m willing to learn how to make Russian dishes for you . ”

“I like Chinese food,” Qiao Fei said .

“Oh, that’s easy . I can make some Chinese dishes . Please tell me what you want to eat . If I can’t make it, I’ll google it and learn . ”

“It’s not necessary . ”

Then he turned and entered his bedroom, closing the door with a bam .

Qiao Fei liked to eat Chinese food purely because of Lu Yan .

Lu Yan had run around the world since she was very young and could eat any kind of food, but her favorite was Chinese food since there were many styles of it; she especially liked the spicy Sichuan cuisine .

Moodily, Qiao Fei laid on his bed, thinking about Lu Yan .

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Meanwhile, Lu Yan had slipped out of the hospital from the window without even the notice of her subordinates .

It was midnight at a BBQ stall on a bustling street in C City .

“Waiter, get me 20 grilled beef skewers and a bottle of iced beer . Thank you . ”

Wearing a hospital gown, Lu Yan sat at a small table; her yell drew many eyes to her .

Even in the hospital gown, she looked beautiful with her tender skin and waist-length long hair; the hospital gown made her stand out even more in the crowd .

A group of brawny guys with tattoos on their bare chests kept glancing at her .

“Big Brother, that girl is hot…”

“The temptation of a hospital gown… Heiheihei . I like it . ” The man looked to be in his forties with a ferocious face, wearing a gold necklace as thick as a thumb .

Their Toyota Prado was parked on the side of the street .

The four guys were brawny and big with the look of typical villains .

“Shall we go and bring her to our table?”

“Don’t . I’ll go and meet her first . ” Then the leader stood up and walked over with a bottle of beer in his hand and a smirk on his face .

“Beauty… My name’s Tao Kun; you may call me Brother Kun . ” The man smirked lewdly as he looked up and down the young girl who appeared to be a university student .

Hearing his words, Lu Yan didn’t speak; instead, she smiled sweetly, making the man dizzy with lust .

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