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Published at 22nd of July 2020 11:55:12 AM
Chapter 3372: 3372
Chapter 3372 Su Yu is the Type I Like 2

“She… can do it better than anyone else . ” Qin Chu smiled .

He was sure Lu Yan could do it .

Qin Chu hadn’t wanted to trouble Lu Yan, but the situation tonight was quite tricky . If Huo Siqian escaped, they’d be in trouble .

Driving a red Porsche sports car from the garage of South Hill Manor, Lu Yan raced to the location that her subordinates reported to her .

Huo Siqian had acquired a black ORV from somewhere and took out many police officers on the way, running through all the blockades .

It was a sleepless night for many people, but Mian was oblivious to all of this, sound asleep in South Hill Manor .

As the baby grew bigger, she felt her body getting heavier and was always tired and sleepy .

In the dark night, Lu Yan wore a black windbreaker with her long hair draping down her back, emitting intense killing intent .

She had wanted to skin Huo Siqian alive long ago .

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He was unforgivable after doing so many things to hurt her sister .

When she found all the men her brother-in-law sent out after Huo Siqian had been killed, she decided to do it in person .

After taking out another wave of policemen, Huo Siqian had few bullets left .

On the GPS, he saw he was reaching the last blockade within the city .

“Little brats, you want to kill me? In your dreams…” Huo Siqian, or more accurately, Jack, stepped hard on the gas pedal with fierce eyes and raced forward .

Suddenly, at the next crossing, he saw a red sports car waiting there .

He reacted quickly and stopped the car; the tires screeched on the ground, letting out ear-grating sounds .

Sitting behind the steering wheel, Lu Yan shot at Huo Siqian…

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With a bam, the windshield exploded . Huo Siqian dodged at lightning speed but was still scratched by the shards .

“The bullet…”

Huo Siqian looked forward in astonishment . Yeah, this bullet had a piercing force ten times greater than an ordinary bullet, and it even exploded when it hit the target .

Even he couldn’t dodge it unscathed .

Huo Siqian immediately opened the door to get out of the car .

With the gun in her hand, Lu Yan walked over calmly and shot at the man hiding behind the door .

When Lu Yan reloaded the gun, Huo Siqian stood up to shoot at her, but to his surprise, Lu Yan disappeared .

Yeah, the woman in a black windbreaker who had been standing before the car just vanished into thin air .

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Damn it…

Panicked, Huo Siqian looked around but couldn’t find her .

At this moment, a voice came from behind him, “Are you looking for me?”

Immediately looking back, he fired . Lu Yan dodged the bullet at lightning speed .

She looked at him with a smile . “If I’m not mistaken, you ran out of bullets . ”

Hearing her words, Huo Siqian felt a drop of cold sweat slide down his forehead .

Yeah, he had run out of bullets . He had thought he could get out after taking out so many Qin Chu’s men and policemen .

“Don’t worry, I won’t shoot you . I heard you are a good fighter . Come on, let’s have a fist fight . If you can defeat me, you’re free to go . ”

Lu Yan put away the gun and beckoned at Huo Siqian, no, Jack .

He stood up slowly and looked at Lu Yan disbelievingly .

“Woman, are you serious? You’ll let me go if I can defeat you? You promise you won’t shoot me?” He looked suspicious .

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