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Chapter 3371: 3371

One hour later, Gao Ran raced to South Hill Manor in panic .

It was midnight and everyone was asleep . Gao Ran met Qin Chu in the study and they both looked grim .

“Chu, I should have made the move earlier . I didn’t expect this bastard…” Gao Ran blamed himself .

“It’s my fault . I’m sorry to have gotten your subordinates killed because of it . ”

“Don’t mention it . We have been buddies for years… I don’t blame you… I’m just surprised at his sudden move; we moved quite fast, but still…”

“It would be unlike him if he just waited for us to kill him . ” Qin Chu was calm .

The turn of events was unpleasant but not unexpected .

“What shall we do now?”

“I issued an order to search him all over the city and kill him on the spot . ”

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“I also issued an order of arrest in the name of the city public security bureau and set up blockades… He can’t get out . ”

While they talked, Lu Yan knocked on the door and walked in .


“Mian’s younger sister Lu Yan,” Qin Chu said .

Lu Yan nodded at Gao Ran and then glanced at Qin Chu .

“Brother-in-law, did you send people to hunt down Huo Siqian?”

“Yeah . He broke out tonight and killed many prison guards quite cruelly,” said Qin Chu .

“That’s bad . My people in the city just sent me the message that your men are all dead…”

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“What?” Qin Chu couldn’t remain calm anymore .

“That shouldn’t be possible . Huo Siqian is alone with one gun and a few bullets . Chu sent at least 15 elites . How could they all be dead?” Gao Ran was puzzled . Huo Siqian was indeed good, but Qin Chu’s men were not wastrels . It didn’t make sense that Huo Siqian could kill so many elites in such a short time while dodging the police .

“He must have changed into Jack . Huo Siqian’s alternate personality is very powerful when he is cornered,” Qin Chu analyzed .

“It’s unbelievable…” Gao Ran was panicked .

One Huo Siqian could cause such an uproar . He had been quiet until tonight when they decided to kill him . Was it a coincidence?

“I suspect… we have a mole in the prison . He must have known we were going to kill him tonight, so he broke out… Or, he had changed his personality but hid it from us,” Qin Chu calmed down and said slowly .

Gao Ran was astonished . “Then his acting skills are amazing . When Mian and I went to see him the other day, we didn’t see any difference . I think Mian didn’t notice it, either . He just said some words to make Mian feel guilty and sad, but Mian saw through his intention and didn’t get brainwashed or misled by him… When she came out, she even said to me that we can’t keep him alive . ”

“Yeah . I think Mian didn’t see the difference, or she’d have told me that day . ”

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“What do we do? Chu, shall we go after him in person?” Gao Ran couldn’t remain calm .

Huo Siqian’s alternate personality Jack would cause great damage if he got out .

With his personality, he’d surely come back for revenge; after all, he was a complete jerk .

“Brother-in-law, let me handle it,” Lu Yan interrupted .

“You?” Gao Ran didn’t know the capabilities of the girl .

“Yan…” Qin Chu knew her abilities but didn’t want to get her involved since she had come here to visit her sister .

“No problem . No one can get away from me…”

Turning to leave, Lu Yan turned on the communication channel on her watch .

“Group one, send me Huo Siqian’s coordinates and escape route; Group two, wait for my orders . ”

Watching the young girl’s professional manner, Gao Ran looked doubtful .

“Chu, can Mian’s sister… do it?”

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